Never Have I Ever S2 Review

Don't keep expectations, and it doesn't disappoint

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Never Have I Ever S2 Review
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What is the story about?

The second season picks up where the first season ended. Devi is kissing her arch-nemesis-turned-love interest, Ben. However, even Paxton has a crush on her now and wants to take it to the next level. There is also the arrival of Aneesa, who ups the drama in Devi's life. Nalini, is also struggling to cope with her husband's death while falling her archnemesis as well. Fabiola struggles with her coming-out and adjusting to the queer life and Eleanor also finds romance in the most unexpected manner. 


Never Have I Ever is one show that doesn't take itself too seriously. The show has copious amounts of spoofs on itself. The characters are messy, flawed and lots of drama, but they are relatable in every way. A show on teenagers and highschoolers wouldn't have anything new to offer. The love triangles and heartbreaks are expected, but this show by Mindy Kaling has been written very-well. Devi is sweet, vulnerable and yet has impeccable comic timing. There's grief in her life and she comes from an Indian-American family, yet the makers examine and subvert stereotypes. It doesn't  get preachy or Bollywoodish when it comes representation of a diverse community, but still tries to take several issues headon. This season does explore a bit more on issues such as subtle racism, sexism that ails the Indian community living abroad. This season also deals with the coming-out of Fabiola and that has been handled with a lot of nuance and sensitivity by the makers. However, the heart and soul of the show remain the mother-daughter duo- Nalini and Devi. They have different world views, inspite of living under the same roof and that causes a lot of friction between them. Their interactions are a laugh riot but we also see a lot of growth and acceptance of some characters this season.


This season Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has done a decent job of playing Devi, the curious and spunky teenager. This season also explored Richa Moorjani's character arc and she too did a great job playing the hot and nerdy, Kamala.Poorna Jagannathan plays the stereotypical helicopter Asian mother to Devi. She plays Nalini very thoughtfully and we can resonate with her as she struggles with her husband's death and finding love in Dr Jackson. Darren Barnet plays the elusive but now a very much in love Paxton Hall-Yoshida. His character though misunderstood has so much soul and depth to it. Maitreyi and Darren have amazing chemistry onscreen and it makes our hearts go all mush. Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez too are fantastic in their parts. 

Music & Other Departments

The series has some interesting soundtracks played during the runtime. The series has been directed and conceptualised very well indeed. The dialogues are however a bit corny at times and feel like an adult has written them thinking this is how teenagers talk. True, the characters have witty comebacks, but we wish they could have been not-so-obvious. 


  • Watch it for the amazing chemistry between Maitreyi and Darren aka Devi and Paxton
  • The representation of the Indian-American community is on point.


  • A highschool drama
  • A predictable setting
  • Lot of cliches

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, it is another of Netflix's feel good series that doesn't itself or the target audiences too seriously. 

Do I recommend it?

Sure. Watch it without keeping any expectations and it won't disappoint you. 

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