Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review – Try it… it might just be worth it!

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review – Try it… it might just be worth it!
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How many of us have experienced this? How many of us would have found ourselves in the odd spot, of being so in love with our best friend that we just don’t know it? Perhaps, even if we do know it, we bury our feeling assuming what if it doesn’t go down the right path? Well, the ZEE5 original, ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ (launched on 20th of January 2020) will tell you exactly what to do if you find yourself in the ‘odd-spot’ of falling in love with your best friend. The series is based on the bestseller, ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ by Sumrit Shahi.

Sumer (Nakul Mehta) and Tani (Anya Singh) meet in the most awkward manner! All thanks to their mother’s (Suchitra Krisnamoorthy and Niki Aneja)! Sumeer hails from a complicated background. His parents (Rituraj Singh and Suchitra Krisnamoorthy) are living in an open marriage. While Tani comes from a secure home where Vivek Mushran and Niki Aneja are absolutely in love with one another and are very protective about Tanie. But the moment Sumer and Tani meet, the duo hit off almost instantaneously, and eventually finds themselves doing everything together. Very unconsciously, Sumer becomes very protective of Tani. He stalks every boy she dates, and she leaves no stones unturned at unravelling the truth about every girl he dates. But destiny plays its part, and Sumer and Tani must go through their share of heartbreaks before they well …. (Now you tell us …. Remain best friends, or get married?) 

There is nothing very out of the box with the plot. But the love-struck are going to get all starry-eyed about this London premised plot. The dialogues are fresh, and out-of-the-box! The words are downright quirky, and the executions by the two-star performers have given the content the required edge. The comic timing is simply outstanding! While everything seems like its straight out of a YashRaj film …. the production has its own share of flaws. For instance, you cannot be holding the same phone model in 2013 as you are in 2019?! (DUH!) This is certainly not going to go down well with historian of the Apple clan. 

Also, 8 episodes to show what becomes of these two ‘besties’ would have been fine, this over-stretch on the fairy-tale romance should be made more realistic. I know this could happen with anyone of us, but keeping it slightly real would help those who cope with the setback in love. 

Also, it is very refreshing to find the more genuinely emotional guys like Sumer, but are they really around? (I am certain you guys are thinking we are anti fairytale, no … we’re not! We are simply against the idea of making people believe that all that they see in these 10 part series, could always be true!) 

A lot of things that seem to unfold in 2019 is very questionable. Especially concerning the whereabouts of Tani’s and Sumer’s parents goes hazy! There is a lot of loose ends that need tying up in 2019. 

The flashback is not always relevant to the present time. Also, the flashback moments are extremely long! Sometimes the viewer forgets about why they went back in flashback. 

One can find evident disconnects in the series, but Arif Khan’s direction makes you want to believe in fairy-tales and love all over again. It wouldn’t be wrong to state, that you’d be very keen on knowing what happens in the end.

Rating: 4/5

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