Next in Fashion Review - Celebrates Plus Sizes And Sustainability

Next in Fashion Review - Celebrates Plus Sizes And Sustainability
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Presented by Alexa Chung and Tan France, it is a reality show in which 18 designers compete for the chance to have their collection stocked on high-end retail site Net-a-Porter. At first glance it feels like Project Runway knock-off, isn’t it? And I was wrong. Rather than focus on the drama and the petty squabbling, as Bravo’s long-running catwalk contest did, Next in Fashion celebrates craftsmanship. It is also more aware than Project Runway ever was, with plus-size models and reflections on sustainability. Instead of solo designers/stylists, the teams have joined the competition in pairs, some who’ve worked together a long time, some more recent. They create their various concoctions, the best and worst results are named with the help of some guest judges, and one team gets cut each week without even a catchy kiss-off phrase. France and Chung are decidedly cute, there are a few teams definitely worth rooting for, and an actual fashion-related injury in episode three. Other than that, NIF seems like a lot of same-old, and the challenges are a bit more pedestrian (mixing prints and patterns one week or focusing on suits the next) than Runway’s tasks to create with candy or hardware store supplies or whatever. This show will interest only the fashion enthusiasts, bloggers and people working in the fashion space. For the rest of us, we may find it to hold an interest in. My suggestion is to watch it if you are only interested in fashion. Rating 3/5


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