Ninnila Ninnila Review

A gentle tale of food and feelings that could've been better!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Ninnila Ninnila  Review
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What is the story about?

Dev (Ashok Selvan) comes off as a man with an extraordinary Santa Claus tummy and muscle spasms, which makes him a slightly different man in the society. When Dev finds a new job as a junior chef in a restaurant, his first reactions to the co-workers are not very good. However, Dev slowly starts to impress everybody around with his charm, down-to-earth attitude and ultimately his cooking skills. However, Tara (Ritu Varma) is someone who is interested in Dev’s past and wishes to know what brought him here. And that is when Dev has a story to say, which includes his dark past with Maya (Nithya Menen).


Ninnila Ninnila is like one of those feel-good films that you would love to catch on a lazy afternoon and help boost up your mood. There is not much of a story that you can expect from such a film, but the concentration is more on the moments that have been handled with care. Director Sasi takes gentle strides in establishing the stories of the three main characters, and narrates his events with a touch of sugar in them. The charm that the first half carries effortlessly, does not however move into the second half, where the introduction of Nithya Menen’s character breaks down the flow of the film. However, the fresh tone of the visuals, the simple setup and more importantly the performances take us through.


Ninnila Ninnila gets it right with its casting, which has three very good names on board. Ashok Selvan delivers a convincing performance in the film, though his fake tummy is a turnoff and could have been avoided. Ritu Varma once again pulls off a very lovable performance in the film, with her neat looks being an asset. Nithya Menen’s role is something that needed a lot of tinkering and could have been made a little less irritating. However, the totality of the film’s cast which includes actors like Nasser and Sathya help us overlook the flaws a bit.


Music & Other Departments

Rajesh Murugesan’s music is pretty good and does shine in many parts, though it sounds a bit undercooked at a few places. The visuals of the film have been superbly handled, and credit should go to the team who conceived the same.


The performances of Ashok Selvan and Ritu Varma kept me pinned throughout


The second half of the film isn’t as good as it should have been, mainly due to Nithya Menen’s distracting character.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, for most parts. It is a feel-good film that you can watch in a laid back manner.

Do I recommend it?

If you are a person who likes speedy thrillers, this may be the total opposite of it. Contrary to the majority of the films we get these days, Ninnila Ninnila is a simple and gentle feel-good film.

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