Nirontor review: An endless journey with branches of new beginning

Samarpita Das -

Nirontor review: An endless journey with branches of new beginning
Movie Rated

Format: Feature Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: 13+
Genres:  Drama
Language: Bengali
Digital Premiere Date: 28 June 2020


What is the story about?
Biplab, a middle-aged engineer, and his young assistant, Bhaskar is assigned to hunt for a location in the hill station to construct a new resort in the corner most mountain range where there’s limited habitation and thereby no phone network. Bhaskar and Biplab hail from two different generations. While one lived in the era of postcards another was born at a time when communication had reached its zenith. Hence when they arrive in a no network zone, with minimal STD booths, they have contrasting reactions to the outcome of the situation.

There’s a certain level of comfort every generation of Bengali cinephiles has developed with actor Prasenjit Chatterjee, fondly known as Bumbada. He can be our kaka babu, our monkey cap-wearing father, love guru or even a boyfriend. Thus, when he quarrels with his companion, we are unable to understand why they fail to collaborate as a co-worker, but immediately we perceive a sense of acceptance when he orders pork momo for his red meat-loving co-worker, while separately ordering chicken momo for himself. Nevertheless, he can't help but insult the younger companion for his lack of wisdom.

Nirontor does not follow a linear pattern in its narration. The plot changes halfway when suddenly one of the characters die a natural death. The narration takes a different route, and what we originally thought to be the tale of a middle-aged man and a young adult turned out to be the tale of a middle-aged man learning to change himself, emotionally when he witnesses certain unexpected circumstances.

Music and other departments
Director Chandrashish Ray might become the new young Turk of the Bengali cinema. There has been a radical break in the Indian cinema where the audience has barred themselves from accepting action sequences which happen for the sake of introducing a machine gun in the frame. The Khans are living on the image that they created in the 90s, (excluding Aamir Khan, who has the quality to change with times). Although the mass hasn’t really been in demand to understand the esoteric nature of Satyajit Ray films, they have certainly started a demand simply by accepting indie films, such as Newton, Masaan. Nirontor had a similar potential to score well with the mass that has a demand for fresh content. The addition of the Prasenjit Chatterjee was only an added benefit.

There’s a sense of endlessness in Nirontor which continues even when a journey gets completed. Director Chandrashish Ray does not lean on any kind of film studies based philosophy to tell a simple story of a man changing with time and tide. One doesn't need to have special qualification in films in order to understand that there has been an introduction of new frames which are more popular in Hollywood based films.

There had been quite a number of repetition of footages in the introductory sequence, but that may not be the proper way to establish the literal meaning of ‘Nirontor’ which means perennial. There’s a fine line between never-ending and repetition. When you repeat video footages it suggests that you are entangled in a loop, but when you capture a road that twists and twirls around the mountain, there’s an expectation of a journey that might never end. Or as Uttam-Suchita duo had explained ‘Ei Poth Jodi na shesh hoye’(what if this road never ends.)

Did I enjoy it?
It was impossible not to enjoy Nirontor which had such a modern feel about itself. We all live with that one parent who fails to understand the WhatsApp culture and often threaten to throw our phone away when we fail to obey them. Nirontor makes us build that connection and it stays with us with its ordinariness.

Do I recommend it?
Nirontor is an absolute leisure watch, each time you sense an end, there is a new beginning  taking the journey on a new route.





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