Nisabdham (2017)

Nisabdham (2017)
Platform : Zee5
Language : Tamil
Synopsis : Nisabdham tells the story of a child, who is sexually abused and how her parents tackle the situation.
Cast : Ajay, Abhinaya, Baby Sathanya, Kishore, Ramakrishna, A Venkatesh, Palani, Ruthu, Hamsa, Venkatesh Babu, R.T Kumar, Kushi, Nitin & others
Directors : Micheal Arun
Producer/s : Angelin Davenci
Cinematographer (DoP) : S.J. Star
Production House : Miracle Pictures
Music : Shawn Jazeel

Movie Duration (minutes) : 127
Digital Premiere Date : July 3, 2020 Theater Release Date : March 10, 2017

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