No Internet Charges for the OTTs in Future?

Jeya Suriya -

No Internet Charges for the OTTs in Future?

HBO Max, the most recently launched OTT on the planet is owned by AT&T (American Telephone and Telegram Company). HBO, the oldest television broadcasting service has placed the big bet on the future of streaming now with HBO Max.

The interesting news earlier this morning is that the OTT will be exempted from AT&T’s mobile data costs whereas the competing streaming portals like Netflix and Disney Plus will utilise your data.

Tony Goncalves, the AT&T executive in charge of HBO Max while speaking to Vergecast was questioned whether HBO Max would hit the cap. Goncalves stated his team “had the discussion” but didn’t have the resolution.

USA based, AT&T later verified to The Verge that HBO Max will be purged from the company’s traditional data charges and the soft data caps on unlimited plans.

An AT&T executive familiar with the matter opened up, "HBO Max will be using AT&T’s “sponsored data” scheme, which technically supports any organisation to pay to mitigate its services from data caps. But since AT&T owns HBO Max, it’s just paying itself. The data expense shows up on the HBO Max rosters as an investment and on the AT&T Mobility books as revenue. Whereas a competitor like Netflix, which could theoretically pay AT&T for sponsored data, but it would be a pure cost."

There is no Net Neutrality in the USA so it is why the sponsored data systems dart in the surface of net neutrality policies. Now, AT&T’s streaming service - HBO Max has a major advantage over its opponents, as all of which run up against the cap. It's all due to the failure of Net Neutrality that HBO Max is gonna have a dream run online.

Goncalves ended his interview with, “The network is the pipe, and the content is the water in it. Now you’re gonna see water coming out of the pipe. 

Indian Subcontinent strictly follows Net Neutrality and this can't happen at all here in India. Reliance's Jio and Bharti's Airtel are the leading players in the telecom industry. Reliance's partner company Viacom18 already has an OTT where Bharti Enterprises does not. So the chance of free internet for our OTTs will stay a dream for at least the next 50 years. 

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