NRI Haadsa to steam on Voot

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NRI Haadsa to steam on Voot

A new show promo has been shared by Colors called NRI Haadsa on their social media accounts and YouTube channel. As a result, viewers are already anticipating the premiere of this television program. It is based on a true-life incident that would be hosted by Rushad Rana. The narration of 14 episodes would be done by him.

This show will truly blow your mind as it will show the reality of society through different episodes. There will be a lot of twists and mysteries in NRI Haadsa. We are sure that the audience would be glued to their screens.

According to the report, the show will now broadcast online on Voot’s official website and app from 4th May. It’s good news for those who find it difficult to watch television on the daily basis because of their busy schedule. Now they can simply download the Voot app from the Google store and keep binge-watching at any point in time.

The story was first reported by Audition Form.

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