OMG-O Maa Go- Season 2 review - Humour at its best

OMG-O Maa Go- Season 2 review - Humour at its best
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In the toughest of times what children really seek is not the purse of their parents, but their love and support. We have been wrongly told that it is our job which defines us, but OMG in its minute-long mini-series proved that it is our priorities and choices which tell us more about our characters than the jobs and degrees we do to keep us alive.

The second season of O Maa Go began with Babu played by RJ Agni visiting his family in Kolkata, which includes his mother played by RJ Somak and father played by comedian Mir Afsar Ali who is also the head of Radio Mirchi Bangla.

A lot of things happened within the 56 episodes of O Maa Go. Babu resigned from his job, the mother stood by his son when he decided to quit his job in Delhi to stay closer to his family. Eventually, he found a job in Kolkata a new story started there which will probably be the opening premises of Season 3.

The bickering between mother and son, father and mother, mother versus father and son continued but here are a few highlights which won our heart.

Mom tells son to be happy first

When the youngest member of the family decided to quit his job in Delhi, we expected the mother to be livid. Instead she made him an ice-tea and told him to not worry about finances, and set his priorities first. For years, boys have been told to be the ‘man of the family’, which usually means to earn enough to feed a family of five, but rarely have we been told to be happy. We were introduced to a different side of the mother who strongly believed in the intelligence of his son.

Throughout the first season, in a humorous manner, mother Sarala have been portrayed as the screeching woman who screams her lungs out whenever she is unable to win an argument or cope up with modernity. But does modernity only find its definition in fashion and technology? Here’s where mother gives us an answer. Sometimes it lies in the nature of human beings and how to choose to raise our children.

Mom chooses son over Manju mashi

Manju mashi, sister of mother Sarala is the annoying relative who comes unannounced. Manju’s main purpose remains to compare Babu with her daughter and malign the mother against the son. While in the first season, she was able to make the mother wrongly feel inferior and stir a fight between the two, this time the mother strongly stood by her son when Majnu started humiliating him for quitting his job, or when she tried to demean Babu for being a low-paid freelancer who cannot afford to buy sarees for his mother.

Mom learns to go to the bank

Mother Sarala hates phones, and everything that happens online. The fact that her son would pay more attention to a broken part in a phone than her weakening knees annoys her. So, she forces the son to take her to the bank to complete a procedure which can be done online. He refuses, she forces. It is in these basic interactions where O Maa Go becomes extremely relatable to all the conversations we have with our technologically challenged parents who sometimes happily chat with the hacker who calls them and asks for their ATM pin code.

Mom teaches son ‘no means no’

O Maa Go isn’t PINK, but the writers are aware that this is a content which will be promoted on social media amid audience who aren’t not really fans of non-consensual love that Bollywood has promoted for ages. When Sanjukta does not agree to be Babu’s girlfriend, despite hanging out with him a couple of times, Babu returns home upset that a girl ‘dared to reject him’.

A calm Sarala did not encourage this behaviour and peacefully explained that if men can’t handle rejection that’s not really the fault of an honest woman. Sarala proved that behind all her screeches, she only wanted to raise a son who learned many values Sooraj Barjatya has not taught Bollywood for years. Mothers must learn that their sons are not perfect, especially when they are unable to handle the truth, and respect an honest person. It is a simple task, if only you do it in the right manner.

OMG ended with the mother getting a glimpse of the female colleague Babu brought home to complete an assignment. Here’s when a mother of a bachelor secretly beamed with joy on noticing her son in the company of a woman. Hardly is she aware that the two have a very platonic colleague relationship…or maybe she is but she fantasizes a relationship anyway. It ended on a How I Met Your Mother style where we were introduced to a woman from the back. Let’s hope the OMG does not take seven seasons to reveal the face of the mother.

OMG-O Maa Go- Season 2 is available on the YouTube channel of Radio Mirchi Bangla and Facebook pages of RJ Somak and RJ Agni.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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