Once Upon A Snowman Review

Olaf's origin story told in this Disney short.

Saumya Sharma -

Once Upon A Snowman Review

What is the story about?

Olaf, the snowman built by Elsa and Anna in Disney's Frozen when they were kids and was forgotten soon after because of the removal of all magical memory came back when Elsa left her throne and took over as the Ice Queen instead. In this Disney short, Olaf is on the search for an identity for himself and just like his love for summer and warm hugs, gives us one more reason "worth melting for." 


A lot of layers have been revealed to Olaf and his story since the release of Frozen back in 2015. This Disney short, in 7 minutes, takes us on the short but highly eventful journey of Olaf's search for himself. The animation and the elements of and around the North mountain are on point, as are the glimpses at all the characters we meet on the Frozen journey that acts as a recap of sorts, giving another perspective to the same scene, this time seen from Olaf's eyes.


This short from Walt Disney's Animation Studios is a heartwarming venture in this relatively surprising year we're living in. Josh Gad, who is the voice of Olaf, once again delivers to this role. 

Music & Other Departments

None in this Disney short except for the thrills packed in to lend drama into Olaf's quest. You'll also find yourself singing the two songs dedicated to this lovable character that were first heard in Frozen - Do You Want To Build A Snowman? and In Summer.


Olaf and his heartwarming, fuzzy view of life.  


Didn't find any.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Definitely. It's worthy as an independent watch and also an animated 'hors d'oeuvres' for Disney's upcoming Holiday movie.

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