One Mic Stand review - Shashi Tharoor shines amid a bunch of diverse comedians

One Mic Stand review - Shashi Tharoor shines amid a bunch of diverse comedians
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The greatest attraction of this show was not Taapsee Pannu, Richa Chadha, Bhuvan Bam or angry AAP supporter Vishal Dadlani but India’s walking talking English thesaurus Shashi Tharoor; who creates a farrago in the virtual world of social media for generating jubilation with his frenetic ideas which Tharoor appropinquates. (If that made you reach out for the dictionary or open a new tab, we will consider that this definition was Tharoorian enough). There has been a lingering rumour that Dr Tharoor had a minor role to play in Aamir Khan and Salman Khan starrer, Andaz Apna Apna. (He didn’t). We are glad that even when he has reached the zenith with his popularity, he took the risk of entering a comedy club in Noida, to venture something he hasn’t done before. One Mic Stand saved the best man for the last, and so will we. Here’s a short review of all the shows. (You may just scroll down to the best part as you did for the show.)

Episode 1: Bhuvan Bam calmly gets over with his nervousness.

You can tell that this show was partially unscripted, mainly during Bhuvan’s training session with Zakir Khan and Sapan Verma. He broke the 180 degrees rule of camera. The 180 degrees rule of camera suggests that states that all the characters in a shot should maintain the same left or right distance to one another, so that when the camera crosses the invisible axis point of the two subjects, the other camera does not show on screen, thereby making the film appear as a movie being shot, rather than a story being narrated. Bhuvan Bam is popular for many of his videos on YouTube, however, he is still remembered for his interview with Johnny Sins, the adult film actor. Jokes become funnier when they arrive with a double meaning, (the metaphorical meaning being related to sex). His humour had been expectedly funny and relatable. Probably a few of it must have been edited out since he received a standing ovation.

Episode 2: Taapsee Pannu, we hope her career lasts long with comedy

Taapsee Pannu gained fame in the Hindi film industry for her performance in Pink, Badla, and even Judwaa 2, but if you only know her for Judwaa 2 then that would be the most disappointing fame for not just Taapsee Pannu but even the entire Hindi Film Industry which toils hard to produce strong content but audiences wait in queue to watch the remade Salman Khan content anyway. Taapsee received her training from her former classmate Angad Singh Dayal who met up with him at a video game store, instead of some grand hotel. During her short span on stage, she called out the farce that Bollywood award shows are, which isn’t hard to decipher especially when you hear the declaration of the award. Taapsee, who started as a struggler, now owns a residence in Mumbai. Her neighbours include Arijit Singh, and mainly scriptwriters and directors from the film industry. So, each time her housing society organises a meeting is nothing short of another meeting for her. Taapsee jokes were more homely and but the relatability factor depends on the kind of circle you belong to. It wouldn’t be right to call her jokes non-humorous, however, they aren’t exactly the kind of humour you crack in a stand-up comedy show. It was easy to understand Taapsee since she vocally hates the farce side of the Hindi film industry as much as the audience.

Episode 3: Richa Chadha takes a dig at comedians, nepotism

Richa Chadha was more than honest at her attempts. Although she is popular among the political liberals for having a spine, she took a chance and took a dig at the bunch of comedians as well. Comedians mock Bollywood and politics for their regular activities, but when they are asked to write a script on stand-up comedy, they can’t think beyond Bollywood and politics either. With the right kind of pauses, Richa pointed out that haters and the ones we tend to hate often end up having the same qualities. The only reason they tend to dislike each other is because one gets to be in power while the other one doesn’t. The camera also had a glimpse of Ali Fazal, Richa’s boyfriend seated with the audience. That's when her subtle Hindu-Muslim jokes came up. You would think that she would use it to be political but she trickily hit out at master of nepotism, Karan Johar. She would call her baby ‘Foetus of the Year’ and finally use nepotism to all her advantage. She ended on the note that if you loved her jokes then request Amazon to give her a hike for Inside Edge, if not then she wouldn’t completely mind if you confuse her for Swara Bhasker.

Episode 4: ‘My name is Vishal and I’m not Shekhar’

Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani are two separate singers, who have produced various Bollywood hits. While the former is an avid AAP supporter, the latter chooses to remain more diplomatic in his approach. On One Mic Stand, Vishal remained a bit serious in his jokes while pointing out how loosely we tend to use terms such as a panic attack, depression, psycho while talking about a bad day.

Episode 5: Don’t consider a comedy act with Shashi Tharoor to be floccinaucinihilipilification!

Dictionary Tharoor was slightly nervous, or to quote him, he didn’t want to make a complete ASS of himself. (Yes he used this word.) Sapan Verma described him with an oxymoron when he called Shashi Tharoor the ‘coolest politician’. His excuse…there’s no better way to describe him, (how about a book that can talk). Guest comedian Kunal Kamra (who is famous for his anti-Modi, anti-BJP campaigns), was expectedly the comedian who trained Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor unequivocally cancelled out all possibilities of cracking a Nehru joke, because he would end up mocking the founder of the political party he belongs to. (Except he did, but by cleverly bringing in Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the subject). He cleverly hit the ruling government with suitable jokes, by which if they do get offended they must seriously be sent to jail only for their lack of sense of humour. Season 1 rating: 4 stars

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