Only for Singles review: A complete nobrainer

Only for Singles review: A complete nobrainer
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Production House: Sunshine Productions for World Wide Media Cast: Deepti Sati, Vivaan Shah, Pooja Banerjee, Gulshan Nain, Aman Uppal and Shirin Sewani Music: Anand Bajpai Cinematography: Sayak Bhattacharya Editing: Sanyukta Kaza and Gaurav Joshi Producers: Sunshine Productions Story: Chirag Mahabal Direction: Samar Sheikh Language: Hindi Type: Web series Premier date: 28th June 2019 Story: What happens when the young urban Indians (Generation Z) leave from the comfort of their home? How do they find themselves in the big bad world ? Especially when they are bachelors! A number of issues plague their lives. This includes everything from finding a job, to paying the astronomical rent figures, parties, foods and overall savings. The 13 part series, explores all the woes these flat-mates and how they try to survive in a metro like Mumbai. Ranjeeta aka R.J (Deepti Sati) is an ambitious woman who is out to prove her father (Mohan Kapoor) wrong about her abilities and business skills. She gets out and begins to stay with her new flatmates to prove herself. Her flatmates included, Mickey (Vivaan Shah) who is a call centre executive, but an artist at heart, law intern Apu (Pooja Banerjee) an intelligent, opinionated and only child who is, unfortunately, a bit of an idiot. Next is social media star Rapchik (Shirin Sewani), who is the quintessential struggling actor, all-out becoming a glam doll, trying to up her fan base. Last but not least, Harman (Gulshan Nain) and junior chef Riyaaz (Aman Uppal) who aspires to start with his own food truck. Artistes’ Performances: Deepti Sati has done absolute justice to the part she plays. Her ever-changing mood swings have allowed her character to evolve beautifully over each episode. Vivaan Shah’s cool demeanour crucially balances the whole plot. Pooja Banerjee being intelligent and opinionated adds variety to the series. We always have that one friend who’s smitten by the whims of the social media, and Shirin Sewani plays that part in the most relatable fashion. Gulshan Nain is the macho buff, who is very particular about his exercise regime, but would never discount on his daily dose of fun. Riyaaz is all about being that one straightforward person who is very focused on steering his dream in the right direction. Each one balances the other one very well. The group forms an eclectic mix of relatable characters that one would find in their very own friend circle. Technical Merit: Extra brownie points can be given to the production team who have paid attention to detail by underlining little aspects on the sets and also about the characters to make it more real and relatable all the same. Direction: While most of the plot and situation were relatable, the director was unable to successfully bring out the humour from the characters. Which is precisely why even though some of the jokes could potentially crack you up, seem very bland! Dialogues: Have only one word! ‘QUIRKY’!! Cinematography: The cinematography could be better by involving a better play of light. Music: light-hearted and young. Blends perfectly well with the nuances of the plot. Editing: At some places, the job is slipshod discounting on the essence of the plot. However, a great effort made at conveying the basic of the plot. Production standards: The team could have achieved more if the spend was calculated and there was more attention paid to detail. There was a certain shoddiness that couldn’t go amiss! A little bit of finesse was necessary to improvise on the quality of production. Highlights: NA Drawback: The comic timing was a huge drawback. The actors could have worked the same better. Analysis: The series explores the struggles of the new generations giving impetus to upcoming entrepreneurs of thinking of a solution to some of the problems faced by struggling youngsters. Ranjeeta does just that! However, the quality of the story could have been improvised if a solution to a problem is also given with a vivid tweak of humour. Icing on the cake: A complete ‘no brainer’ Rating: 2/5

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