Operation Christmas Drop Review:

A charming tale that talks about compassion and care!

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Operation Christmas Drop Review:

Directed by Martin Wood, Operation Christmas Drop is a direct OTT released onto Netflix. The movie was launched on the 5th of November and stars Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig.

What is the story about?

Erica (Kat Graham) is made to travel to Guam because of her uptight boss, congresswoman Angie Bradford (Virginia Madsen) to bring down the enormous military spending taking place over there. Erica is asked to go to Guam and report the happenings, there she meets the cute and charming captain Andrew (Alexander Ludwig) who gives her the idea that charity isn’t such a bad thing. The movie is based on the longest-running humanitarian airlift in the world, the real Operation Christmas Drop done by the U.S Air Force in 1952. The two characters who are separated from their families during Christmas, find love and company within each other and carry out this wonderful and essential mission for the less fortunate people.



The film begins with Erica and Andrew starting off on a rough note but the path that they go through to get into the romantic spirit of the movie is beautiful. The whole scenery of Guam is attractive and very pleasing to view. The film is sweet and heart-warming to watch until the very end as it carries a light vibe throughout. The fact that two individuals who are separated from their families during Christmas and find comfort in each other is warm. This friction-free romantic comedy also involves the U.S military mission, which supplies a large crate of essentials and gifts to the ones in need, which brings up the holiday spirit of giving in the viewers.



Alexander Ludwig impresses with his role as Captain Andrew giving out a handsome appearance with a charming and sweet character. Graham holds a bold and fearless role where she is a sucker for care and compassion. The two actors have done perfect justice to their roles in making this film even cuter and warm, perfect for the holiday season.

Music & Other Departments

The music seemed to be apt for the film and the cinematography highlighted on the beautiful parts of Guam and the South Pacific. All the other departments of the film fit the bill.



The scenic view of the surroundings and the heart-warming feel that this movie gives out makes it a perfect seasonal watch.


The movie does seem a little predictable during the interim where it dips down a little in terms of captivity.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This movie will definitely be on my watch list, especially when I’m craving for a comforting and calm watch.

Do I recommend it?

Operation Christmas Drop is a warm watch which will put you in the Christmas spirit and gives you a feeling of content.

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