Operation Parindey Review : A Patchy Revelation

Operation Parindey Review : A Patchy Revelation
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The plot 
The 55 minutes film is premised around one of the biggest Jailbreaks in India. The incident took place in Punjab, where a terrorist was released along with 10 other jail inmates, in order to carry out a certain activity in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. 

The film opens at the jailbreak itself. It’s a Sunday; everything in the prison quarters is calm and serene. This particular Sunday, a lot of the security is involved in the preparation of the holy ‘Langar’ (A ritualistic lunch that is usually consumed by followers of the Khalsa faith.) During lunchtime, some armed men come in, with all the necessary implements to break open the prison cell. ‘Monty’ (Rahul Dev) is found running away with ‘Pabbi’ (Aakash Dahiya), and ‘Kartar’ (Ameet Gaurr). 

Inspector Manoj (Amit Saadh) steps in, to resolve the case with his team of able-bodied police officers, and in no time the case is cracked. 

The movie comes across as incomplete. The writers, Saurav Dey and Tejas Dhhanraj haven’t delved into the details of the exacting reason for the jailbreak. Simple questions that could arise in the viewer’s mind are:

  1. How did the terrorists acquire the keys to the prison cells? 
  2. How did security become vulnerable to the inmates embezzling ways? 
  3. How did Inspector Kamal (Rucha Inamdar) know of Pabbi’s whereabouts after the Jailbreak? 
  4. How was the term ‘Operations Parinday’ coined? 

The movie should have been like a precise essay. The allotted time of 55 minutes should’ve included all the necessary details, and should have been moving fast. But the pace keeps dropping from time to time, hugely discounting on the interest levels of the onlookers. Details for the reason of the attack are short and fleeting. 

Even as Pabbi is confronted by Inspector Kamal at the highway restaurant, he shows little signs of worry and anxiety. She speaks of all the arms and ammunition that they recover after the cops have nabbed Pabbi, but why isn’t that shown? 

Rahul Dev is a pro at essaying negative roles. He gets engrossed in the character he plays and executes the most complex part with absolute ease. He has got an eerie calm about him that tells the viewer there’s something plotting. Amit Sadh could’ve been more energetic. There are times he looks absolutely confused about what is happening. Aakash Dhaiya is just as passive. Somebody, please give them multivitamins! Rucha’s part is very small. She played a very profound part at nabbing ‘Pabbi’. He has managed her stunts with ease. 

The other departments 
The sound is very compromised. The sync in the sound is off at many places. The background score is reasonably good and could have creatively enhanced the ongoings of the plot. The editing isn’t mindfully done. They seemed to have cut out all the important aspects of the film. The stunts underline the pace of the film, and there are very few stunts that are shown here. 

Did I enjoy it? 
Not exactly, but honestly, it is a great way of killing time while at the airport. One hour is just enough to fill for your waiting period, and yet have something reasonably interesting yet questionable to watch. I wouldn’t recommend this as a #MUSTWATCH but yes, if you have nothing better to do in your free time, you can pass your time watching ‘Operations Parindey’. 

2/5 Stars

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