Orey Bujjiga Review

Bad Comedy with usual Story and Screenplay which does a Patience Test

Jeya Suriya -

Orey Bujjiga Review

Aha, the Tollywood based online portal amused us all with Krishna and his Leela and Bhanumathi Ramakrishna. This Weekend they have arrived with another comedy - Orey Bujjiga. The film was originally slated for a theatrical release, but like any other ready to release film, it is dispatched to Aha, as a Direct OTT film. Lets voice out our views on it.

What is the story about?

The film begins in Nidudavolu in West Godavari District where Bujji' s(Raj Tharun) parents find a life partner for him and fix a wedding. Agitated with the concept of arranged marriage, he runs away from his small town to the State's Capital. At the identical time, Sravani(Malavika Nair) who lives in the same village also leaves out alone to Hyderabad for the same reason as Bujji. However, the whole town believes that Bujji has absconded with Sravani assuming they both were in a relationship before. When Sravani gets to recognise the village's assumption, she gets annoyed with the unknown Bujji. The twist in the anecdote occurs when Sravani gets to introduce to Bujji as Seenu. Like any other Indian fiction eventually love blooms among them, and the remaining story is how Bujji sets things right and wins his love.


Though a few dialogues are genuine, and a very few comedies evoke conventional humour, the biggest demerit of the flick is the story being old. Though the director attempts to place things nicely, he fails miserably at the execution. Especially the content provoked through identity confusion is fun, but he deflects the movie with outcast scenes and tiresome subplots that aggravate the cringe reactions in the audience. The film could have been better at least if the crew had decided to trim and release a much more diminutive version. 


Though Raj Tarun fits in the role, his supporting actors make him look weak as a performer. On the Performance front, the two saviours were just Malavika Nair and Posani Rao. Malavika with her natural performance singlehandedly is the only saviour of the film. The director, with this sort of a conventional plot, does not provide scope to any artist in the whole movie. 

Music & Other Departments

The production values of the film look superior as the lens-work is excellent. Except for that, the Editing is pitiful, and the music is monotonous.  


The film has got just two highlights - 1.Malavika Nair's Cuteness and 2.Fifteen minutes in the latter half of the film. Malavika Nair with her cuteness hits the nostalgia, and it feels good to see her back in a full-fledged role. Speaking about the comedy scenes Posani Rao and Madhu with Raj Tarun at least tries to justify the genre whereas others don't even attempt to.


Anyone who reads the first paragraph will get to know that the story is conventional and rusty. Even though it looks fine to read it out as a one-line, it is unnecessarily exaggerated a lot. The film gets dragged for no reason in the latter half, and things become tiresome for a spectator of any taste. A few scenes even give us patience tests. With too many such tests the flick could have been trimmed to less than 120 minutes, but it is crawled it for no purpose; especially the closing 45 minutes is a misuse of time. Also, poorly taped songs are a vital disturbance, and notably, the comedy caused through the confused identity looks is scorched. 

Did I enjoy it?

I wish I had a better film to voice out my opinion on it. I completely hated watching this so-called comedy.

Do I recommend it?

No, strongly not recommending it as it does not even justify the genre. Also, the laugh is undoubtedly on the audience.

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