OTT turns saviour for most in this COVID19 pandemic

OTT turns saviour for most in this COVID19 pandemic

Coronavirus concerns have compelled companies to order their employees to work from home. Governments across the world have shut down cinema halls, cancelled social and cultural events, and imposed travel restrictions, countries are on lockdown. Not only that, more and more people are practising social distancing,  self-quarantining at home to help stem the rapid spread of Coronavirus. In times such as these, OTT and streaming are turning saviour for most people and their families.

Extended enforcement of millions across the globe has proved to be an unlikely boom time for OTT platforms. Most people are revisiting their to-watch lists and streaming the shows and movies they've been wanting to watch for a long time but didn't have the time to do so until now.

Though no clear data has emerged as yet on whether OTT downloads have gone up or streaming hours by consumers have increased owing to Coronavirus fears, it is given, considering that even in normal times, OTT has been enjoying a massive surge throughout the world, and scoring a march over traditional broadcast TV.

The extended hours cooped up indoors may even lead to increased subscriptions to the various OTT platforms on offer. A grave threat though it is, Coronavirus is proving to be the cause of gains for streaming platforms and losses to the cinema world.

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