Outside the Wire Review

The noise of bullets is more than the conversations of actors here

Richard Mahesh -

Outside the Wire Review
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What is the story about?

The year is 2036 and we get to see Harp (Damson Idris), a US drone pilot, who owns a pivotal position to help military machines that keeps killing the enemy, who are targeting the human soldiers. In an unexpected turn of events, Harp disobeys the order of the personnel of higher hierarchy, thereby leading to a catastrophic event. He is now barged out of the field and is ordered to work with Leo (Anthony Mackie), an android-fed-officer, who takes him through the roller-coaster experience of ultimate war. But sooner, Harp starts detecting that there’s something wrong with Leo.


We are introduced to the premise without any procrastination immediately. That’s a top pick of pros for the audience as they get-go with the film ‘Outside the Wire’. Sooner, we find most of the dialogues are bounded to cuss words, especially with the lead characters. With the running length bounded to 2 2 hours approximately, we keep looking out for high points and find it only after the first hour. Netflix often keeps introducing the films of such stereotypical panache, where the sound of bullets eclipses the conversations among the characters. Precisely, the actual conflict arrives dilly-dallied, where the experience of gunshots and robotic wars would have drained our energy. The 25 minutes of penultimate-to-climax is appreciable. However, the faintest reminiscence of Eagle Eye, Eye in the Sky, and a few more war based films. 


If there could be one incisively genuine reason why ‘Outside the Wire’ turns to be mediocre despite the loud noisy action blocks, it’s due to the impressive performance of lead actors – Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris. The rest of the actors doesn’t find the scope to establish their prowess. 


Music & Other Departments

Irrespective of the heavy amount of work and economics spent on the CG works, we don’t find them extremely impressive. With an impact of high-end video game strokes and some top-notch sound mixing, ‘Outside the Wire’ doesn’t bring up anything to relish on the technical aspects


Few action sequences are very well choreographed and that’s the only endowment that the audience can enjoy. Besides, the performance by Anthony and Damson is commendable as well. 


The film gives a distinct impression of being an amalgamation of several spy-based and war-based Hollywood flicks as abovementioned. In a precise term, the film lacks the surprise and thrill elements. 


Did I enjoy it?

No! The film was engaging only to a certain extent. 

Do I recommend it?

Maybe, if the watch list of action film buffs is empty. 

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