Ozark Season 4: All That We Know, and What We Can’t Wait to Find Out.

Ozark Season 4: All That We Know, and What We Can’t Wait to Find Out.

The finale of hit Netflix show Ozark season 3 was unexpected, to say the least. And with a banger of an ending like that, it would be a real tragedy if the leading streaming platform won’t be renewing it for another season (the decision is still pending). But if we leave the anticipation of that decision aside, what a ride it’s been for the show. 

Ever since Ozark hit Netflix in 2017, it’s been a runaway favourite. For the uninitiated, the show revolves around a regular guy who gets embroiled into the underworld and happens to be rather adept at handling a lot of illicit activities. The characters are unpredictable, the plot twists are no less than shocking. It’s no wonder that people have already started talking about season 4, even though the previous one just premiered in late March. We initiate you because according to Nielsen data, the season premiere weekend drew in over a million viewers. It has already scored an Emmy for Julia Garner in 2019 and multiple nominations for its lead paid as well as the show in general (still plenty of time for you to catch up before renewal, and that’s most probable with that cliffhanger). Safe to say, it’s worth a watch!
So what’s happened so far? There is no turning back for Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) who are now the Missouri Ozarks region’s biggest criminals and are laundering cartel money with some trepidation but quite a lot of confidence. So we hope that some of the following (and a lot more) are addressed…

SPOILER ALERT: Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), the lawyer from the Navarro clan is killed by her own cartel. Omar Navarro, the leader, gains confidence with the Byrdes. But will they be able to handle the responsibility of becoming cartel leaders? 
Wendy orders the death of her own brother Ben, and he is brought to his end in spite of romance blossoming between him and Ruth. This takes Ruth towards another enemy - Darlene - who is creating her own heroine empire. Darlene, in the meantime, is seen getting cosy with Ruth’s 20-something cousin. 
With all this bloodshed, it is obvious that Marty and Wendy would end up with a long list of enemies, and we can’t wait to see how they handle it all.
What we do know is that Bateman, Linney and the rest of the main cast (unless their character is dead, of course) is slated to return. Apart from that, the buzz is that the new character of Darlene’s mother may be introduced (as she states to boyfriend Wyatt that she wants him to meet the woman who made her).

Unfortunately, another detail which is for certain is that the coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely delayed production on many series and films. If the show is renewed, we can expect a delay in the shoot. Especially since the show is shot in Georgia (yes, it is set in Missouri). Georgia has a huge film and TV sector but reports state that this would take some time to open. It is safe to assume that Ozark and other shows which are shot in the same area would be delayed more than usual.
Whatever be the case, we sincerely look forward to one of the best dramas on Netflix!

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