Paanch Phoron Season 2 Review: Savouring love in all forms

Paanch Phoron Season 2 Review: Savouring love in all forms
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Directors: Chandril Bhattacharya, Giasuddin Selim, Arka Ganguly, Sudipto Roy, Nurul Alam Atique Cast:  Swastika Mukherjee, Sohini Sarkar, Sourav Chakraborty, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Yash Rohan, Tariq Anam Khan, Anindya Sengupta, Orchita Sporshia, Missouri Rashid, Sudip Biswas, Sudip Sarkar, Ritwika Pal, Farhana Mithu, Monir Khan Shimul, Aindrila Sharma, Zinat Sanu Swagata, Biswajit Ghosh, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Anindya Pulak Banerjee The second season of Paanch Phoron tells five different stories of love in five distinct flavors of emotions, which you never knew existed (that’s why it is difficult to find an English word for it. A series of romantic stories that will make your heart flutter. Khworkuto There’s something about the soft beginning to Khworkuto that immediately captures your attention. Director, screenplay writer, Arka Ganguly hasn’t imposed much from Bollywood but adapted a lot from the way Bengalis behave. In every group of friends, there is one I-phone user who can’t stop showing off her air-pods. Rajanya here stands as an example. We meet a woman who has air pods, I phone but not a car, so she books an Uber. Interestingly, that instance captures your attention with its ordinariness. Rajanya and Ayan’s love story begins with a divorce (which is quite ironical in a film that claims to be a Valentine’s Day special release). The latter is unable to move on and keeps various things of Rajanya only with the expectations that someday she would move back. Rajanya seems to be devoid of any emotions for Ayan. Meanwhile, at his work place, a colleague named Malini serves Ayan with a sexual harassment notice. Although Khworkuto ends on a sober note, it doesn’t give us complete information and for various reasons that are unfair. We live in times where it is necessary to display the aftermath of lodging a sexual harassment complaint against an alleged pervert; either the man was wrongly seduced and frame or the woman was brave enough to report about misconduct she faced at the workplace. The incomplete nature of the sub-plot kept us unsatisfied, however the endearing conversations keep flowing and strangely enough, we do get distracted. Ratings: 3 stars Donor Director Nurul Alam Atique centres the story around people who mainly follow a Bangladeshi dialect. An old man named Muzafir Karim who is almost nearing the days of his death, demands from Salema, a young woman’s kidney to survive for the rest of his life. He wrongly feels entitled to do so, since she is a domestic help. The medieval mentality pricks your conscience when the woman, who is a domestic help, is perpetually shamed for not donating her kidney to an old man who is nearing his death. Muzafir’s son Adnan finally decides to be the donor, and post his operation his health begins to deteriorate. Donor is not just a love story between a man and a woman from different strata of society but also a son-father love story, where Adnan is made to choose between his two lovers. Times flows by in the film through shots of a turtle and soft breezes. The film is slow but for several reasons you manage to enjoy it. In an era of multi-tasking, there will always be a few experiences in life which will make you want a wait a little longer. Ratings: 2 stars Praay Kafka Chandril Bhattacharya’s Praay Kafka begins on a fictional note. Arindam finds himself stuck in another man’s body. In an era where the government has imposed NRC, mandatory Aadhar Card he finds himself in a difficult situation for more than one reason. He is socially and legally an unacceptable man. Although, he is the same man in a more handsome and muscular body, Arindam’s girlfriend finds it difficult to accept him as a lover. Frustrated with every restriction around him, Arindam finally decides to adopt supernatural methods to get back to his old self. He visits a sage who gives him a potion that claimes that it would bring back his old body. Moments before he reached out for his drink, he gets a dilemma. Will he choose his new life over the old life? Is the makeover a second chance for him to do better in his life? Afternoon Audition Afternoon Audition begins with the story of three women. A young aspiring actress fighting her own demons. Director Sudipto Roy revolves the story around a young woman preparing for an audition, a hysterical woman who gets consumed by the shadow of her past love and another middle-aged man who unwillingly finds himself in circumstances that he is unprepared to decide whether or not he wants to be involved in it. The lives of these people get intertwined and we gently enjoy a slow-paced, lackadaisical Kolkata. The cinematography remains the highpoint of Afternoon Audition. It perfectly encapsulates slow-poke nature of Calcuttans without any slow-motion based special effects. You may or may not agree with the context of Afternoon Audition but you would want to watch this film only to understand the pleasure of leisure time. Ratings: 3 stars Three Kisses For various reasons, Three Kisses will remind you of The Vampire Diaries. Two brothers falling in love with the same girl. Dipa. Now imagine The Vampire Diaries without the supernatural hunts, and witch magic. Director Giasuddin Selim tried to entail a western series and turn it a little Indian, but for some reason, we don’t mind, because it doesn’t become a disaster. Ratings: 3stars OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Since the five episodes are not connected, Paanch Phoron season 2 allows you to leave after a soft 20 minutes watch. Although, it chose to release on Valentine’s Day, this series of film could have reached the zenith had it decided to release on any other day. After all, love isn’t a moment designated to be felt on one day. Ratings: 4 stars

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