Paap review: Where mayhem surrounds the Durga Puja

Paap review: Where mayhem surrounds the Durga Puja
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The celebration of Durga Pujas has enthralled the city and journalist Kakoli has been assigned to cover the celebrations of the Chowdhury family. The family has been the oldest living members in the city of Kolkata and Durga Puja was celebrated there before the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and various other famous icons of Bengal. The makers of Paap fail to understand that not everything is acceptable because the Pujas are around the corner. The series has adapted the storyline partially from Rituparno Ghosh’s popular film Utsav, which had also witnessed the forceful gathering of family members during the Pujas. The wives are not really enthusiastic about being a part of the celebration. They are unable to adjust inside the dusty rooms with dirty bedsheets. Suddenly there’s a murder… there’s a journalist in the house and she doesn’t manage to sense it. You would really pity her at this point if her boss came to know about it and not her. Secondly, she cowers down when the landlady does not allow her to cover the story of a Bollywood dance girl entering their celebrations. Instead of silently doing her job, she agrees to not do a story. Just when you thought that the narration wasn’t bad enough, the second episode started with an item dance. An item dance in a web-series that is centred around Durga Puja….were the makers in their senses at all? Characters here wait for another character to finish their lines, even amidst controversies? Who fights like that in real life? Secondly, Paru is shamed and demoralised for choosing a profession that has given her success. And we continue to judge a woman for her choices. Which age are we living in? Rating: 2/5

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