Pachchis (2021) Review

A substandard crime drama that needed more novelty to impress!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Pachchis (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Abhiram is a gambler who isnt always lucky with his calls. At one point, Abhiram is in a situation where he owes a lot of money to the casino owner RK. Finding a way out of the problem, he gets into a game between two political leaders, which further escalates when he runs into a woman searching for her missing brother. 


Pachchis (as the name goes) is about a sum of 25 lakhs, which goes all around the film, just like the plot. The makers have ensured that they have got in a nice backdrop for the film, but the way they have designed the characters and the incidents is underwhelming. The film takes a lot of time to heat up, with the characters have loads of dialogues to recite, which does not pull in the interest of the viewer immediately. The second half has a couple of interesting sequences, but that does not make the film score on the whole. It is clear that writers have tried to come up with a cat-and-mouse thriller of sorts, but the end result is half baked. 


Raamz who plays the central character of Abhiram is not a great fit for the role, looking more like a supporting actor rather than a hero. The film’s inability to present interesting characters reflects on the performances too, as they are one-toned. Amidst the entire star cast, it is Swetaa Varma (as Avantika) who does a good job. 

Music & Other Departments

Smaran Sai’s interesting work in the background score is laudable, while the film also has a couple of good night shots especially in the second half. 


A couple of scenes in the second half are well thought-out.


The film’s plot is neither interesting nor new, something that should have been tapped into at the beginning. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not much. I wished it was better. 

Do I recommend it?

Pachchis is a thriller that you could watch if you have nothing else to do. The film sticks to the basics when it should have really tried to do something different. 

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