A funny, witty, and sometimes dramatic slice of life series about the everyday life of Mumbai Police.

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1: Paise Paise Paise

Kamble and Gaikwad are on a quest to find the right pair of shoes but at what cost?

Episode 2: Garibansathi (Classism) 

While dodging errant drivers, Gaikwad spectates while Kamble slowly understands that charity has multiple meanings.

Episode 3: Stress Stress

Gaikawad realizes that even policemen with guns are afraid of something.

Episode 4: Melancholy

Kamble can only see the world through a grey lens, and his view is crowded by pickpockets and warring families.

Episode 5: Open Day

Kamble is drowning under the sudden wave of Fatherly responsibilities while his son Vivek tries to bury his head in the sand.

Episode 6: Bandh

The inside of a police riot vehicle turns into the only safe place in the city as Kamble and other officers drive around staving off riots.

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