Pareeksha: The Final Test Review - Brilliantly written Emotional Drama which will make you Cry!

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Pareeksha: The Final Test Review - Brilliantly written Emotional Drama which will make you Cry!
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Buchhi, a rickshaw driver, strives to give his son Bulbul the best possible education.

Format: Original Movie (Direct OTT)
Platform: ZEE5 
Movie Rated: All Ages 
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 6 August 2020

Zee5 which has now been listed as one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store continues to procure more titles to their portal. The latest addition to it is the 2019 Blockbuster of the Film Festivals - Pareeksha. The film is written and directed by widely accoladed Prakash Jha who made classics like Apaharan, Rajneeti and Mritiyudand. Another valuable addition to the film is the International actor Adil Hussain of Life of Pi Fame. The film was initially slated to premiere on June 2020 but due to the pandemic situation, it is docked a few hours ago into the Zee5's portal and was made available for its patrons to view. Here we go with our opinion.

What's the story about?
Bucchi (Adil Hussian) is a Rickshaw driver from Ranchi who earns income by dropping rich students from a posh locality to an International school in the same precinct. With his home in a Slum, he lives with his wife, Radhika (Priyanka Bose) and son Bulbul (Shubham Jha). Bulbul is a bright and ambitious student who studies in a Government School. Bulbul's father Bucchi aspires to make his son study in the International School so that he would be studying in the CBSE Syllabus and get opportunities in life. By illegal activities, Bucchi accomplishes his dream and makes his son study in the school with the Central Board Syllabus. The remaining film deals with whether Bulbul manages at school despite his poor communication skills, what happens when his father get caught for the illegal activity and Why an SSP (Sanjay Suri) who accused his father comes in help of Bulbul. Likewise, the film holds too many other enigmas and conflicts as it proceeds to the climax.

Not sure though, if National Awards is happening this year, Adil Hussain will give a tough competition for all other actors for his spell-bounding performance in the film. He makes us bleed with tears as he was so realistic and genuine to his role. Priyanka who plays the mother of Bulbul is fabulous as a slum dweller and Shubham Jha who depicted the role of the ambitious kid is amazing in several scenes. Special mention to Sanjay Suri as he elevated the mood of the film with his natural performance. Speaking of the other characters, everyone was raw and rustic with their performances.

Music and Other Departments
Made on a very meagre budget, the film offers no songs and was completely shot in real locations. Besides the film having much scope for the background score, the composer has aced the scores like a few would make you bleed tears. Also, the film runs for close to 100 minutes and it engages us throughout. Crisp Edit, Realistic Locations and Heart-melting score are added advantages for the film to be an unusual "Once in a Blue Moon" Emotional Drama.

The movie is simply a stunner in terms of acting, screenplay and engagement. With the film addressing important issues of the Indian Subcontinent, it easily connects to the heart for any soul from the nation. Despite all these, Adil Hussain hijacks your mind and makes us glued to him with his jaw-dropping spectacle. Also, the film holding a close to cent per cent victory in all departments involved in, it is a delight to watch. 

Though the screenplay is lovely, a few scenes could have been altered as at a few places it went overboard with the level of preachiness. Also, the film at a few scenes gives us a sensation of viewing a documentary rather than a feature film. Though the docu-feel is due to the real-life locations, the production value was also very pitiable.

A film with too many metaphors which reads out too many important messages to society. Also, huge applause to the creator for delivering a close-to-reality film where globalisation was the focal point and the best part was, it was narrated on a very subtle note. Though there were scenes which could be correlated to the Hrithik's Super 30, an article online suggests that this film is based on true incidents and has connections with the Super 30 Anand Kumar's biopic. The movie is blazingly written with too many emotional scenes weaved throughout, also accompanied by some heart-wrenching music will make you cry at least twice in the 100 Minutes you spend for it.

Do I recommend?
Please do you a favour to yourself by watching this Lovely film and officially this film would be the best of all the direct-ott films which have released online. Must-Watch!


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