Parineeti Chopra and Ribhu Dasgupta spill the beans on their upcoming Netflix film

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Parineeti Chopra and Ribhu Dasgupta spill the beans on their upcoming Netflix film

In a press conference held today on the upcoming film 'The Girl on The Train', actress Parineeti Chopra who is headlining the film along with the film's director Ribhu Dasgupta conversed about the upcoming feature which is going to be released on Netflix on 26 February. The duo spoke about the characters, the story, the filming locations and how the film impacted them as creative artists. Based on the book of the same name by Paula Hawkins, the film is an Indian adaptation which is also inspired by the Emily Blunt starrer American film based on the thriller. 

Talking about the experience of filming the crime thriller, the actress spoke about how she wanted to break the typecast that she had been put in. She spoke about how she wanted to surprise her audience, her fans in her never-before-seen avatar, "I'm very glad and thankful that he (Ribhu Dasgupta) thought of me and trusted my capability in pulling off a role like this because usually actors are offered scripts based on roles that they have done before because people think that that is what they can do but actors have a lot of hunger to try out different things, and we need opportunities to fulfil that desire of ours." Echoing the feelings of the actress, Dasgupta spoke about how casting Chopra was in lieu of her earlier performances in which she had never played a role like this. He spoke about how he likes challenging his actors and making them "shed all their colours" so that the film comes out with a new colour, saying that if given a chance to redo the film, he would without question work with Chopra only because she for the director's vision.  

Chopra also quipped about her destiny of bagging a role like that of Mira Kapoor in 'The Girl on The Train', "I already was thinking of doing something different than the characters that I was playing in films, I was getting saturated which was partially my fault too because I was selecting roles which were like that. I had heard somewhere that a film like 'The Girl on the Train' was in the making and I had already read the book. Unfortunately for me, I also heard that its cast had been finalised so I left it. Then after about two-three years, I did not get any news about the film so I tried to inquire again and luckily the people I called said that they were actually trying to contact me for the film. I believe destiny plays a big role in our lives and finally, I did this film which was the best thing that happened to me". The actress spoke about breaking the moulds of how acting should be like and doing something new something different. Apparently the running gag on the sets was "we don't want to see good acting, we want to see new acting". The actress also gave an insight into the making of "Mira Kapoor" and how she would practice the characters antics in front of a mirror to perfect to on sets. 

The duo faced the inevitable question of the film being a remake of a book that has already been remade in the US. The director spoke about how he had been offered to make the film back in 2016 by Reliance who had the rights to the Emily Blunt starrer adaptation that had been just released but he said that he wanted it to be unique to him, as a director, so that he can have his own 'take' on the story, "Whatever film it may be, whether it be an adaptation of a novel or another film, what will be your take as a maker? that is very important. If you don't have an answer to that question, then you shouldn't make the film. Till the time I did not have the answer to that question, I did not say yes to the proposition of the remake. First I asked myself. What is your take? because the film is out, there is a book.... I think I found that answer somewhere in the journey and then I wrote the script." Talking about the differences in the film in regards to the American version, he talked about the difference in characters who are much more detailed and layered. He also reiterated the fact that he is an Indian filmmaker making films for an Indian audience and to that understanding he also tweaked the film here and there.   

In a humorous take on the filming location seeing how it is an Indian adaptation based in London, the director said that if he would have made the film in Kolkata, it would have been called "Girl on the Tram". Coming back to the main point, Dasgupta said that looking at how the American version was based in New York, he wanted to stay true to the book and use the locations as mentioned in its pages. He also quipped that Chopra, who has lived in London previously and has family there, would find a home in the city as she shoots for the film.  

Talking about the responses that she has received from the trailer of 'The Girl on the Train', she almost felt as if the movie has been released already because the feedback has been so positive. Yet, she said that the nervous jitters are there as the release date nears. 

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