Peaky Blinders Season 5 review - A gripping, layered crime drama

Peaky Blinders Season 5 review - A gripping, layered crime drama
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The media has always played its part in showcasing the darker elements of life in a crass and crude manner. The mafia or gangsters are portrayed as over-possessed, sassy beings, who strut around their riches, throwing their weight everywhere, carrying out organized crimes and causing mayhem. Their language is crude and demeanour, loud - absolutely underlining the darker side of society. The Netflix original, Peaky Blinders, is an award-winning crime drama series staged in the 1920s in the post-World War I era, in England. This explosive combination of history and fiction has ensured a soul-stirring, much-awaited saga. The series has beat ‘The Crown’ three times over and has pretty much caused a stir, in the OTT circles. The plot revolves around a rather sophisticated mafia gang in Birmingham. Tommy (C. Murphy) and Arthur’s (Paul Anderson) mannerisms set them apart from the other mafia gangs. This season of the series too has been well received and is now staged in the 1930s. The periodic backdrop, however, invites some confusion. While certain elements in the series seem to be staged in the historic era, they are more present day-like in execution. Season 5 significantly explores the temperamental ways of the Shelby brothers. Tommy is now making a footprint in the political circuit on one hand, and also takes to the assassination of Oswald Mosley (Sam Clafin) on the other. The plan goes haywire because of an information-leak. This results in Tommy putting himself at gunpoint, at the end of the series. The series highlights how the Shelby brothers' extreme temperamental ways have caused a stir in the mafia units all across the world. Michael (Finn Cole) eagerly awaits the opportunity to take over the dynasty, along with his wife Gina (Anya Taylor Joy) as they levy a gracious offer to Tommy, which he declines very stubbornly for reasons best known to him. Tommy has always been the headstrong, and strong-willed character. He usually gets things done his way, and nothing can override his decisions. But he isn’t always right! While being his tenacious self, he often loses his closest ally, Polly. He also looses his favourite right-hand Aberama Gold (Aiden Gillian). The fast-emerging favourite among viewers, Barney Thompson's (Cosmo Jarvis) life too is brutally cut short owing to Tommy’s persistent ways.  Barney is assigned to assassinate Oswald Mosley, but as the plans leak, an ambushed sniper comes and kills Barney. Despite all odds, the viewers get respite as Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy), makes his presence felt soon enough. Even today, there is very little one can point out as a flaw in the series. The direction is seamless, and the plot just seems to evolve progressively with time.

Rating: 4/5

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