Penguin Bloom Review

A grim and uninspiring tale that falters despite good performances!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Penguin Bloom Review
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Penguin Bloom is a direct release on Netflix, post its festival run where it had gotten some attention. The film has Naomi Watts in the lead role.

What is the story about?

The film starts off with Sam Bloom (Naomi Watts) suffering a fall from a terrace, with the freak accident breaking her back and making her wheelchair-ridden. As the gloomy situation continues at their home, an injured magpie drops onto their garden and is adopted by the family. Slowly, the magpie helps the mood of the family members develop, and aids them in a recouping journey from the near-death incident they faced.


Despite being a true story and having several tough moments that are tailor-made for tearjerker fans, the problems in Penguin Bloom keep persisting because of the inability of the script to go off track. The film follows the typical route of several other films and is also limited to a small set of characters, which makes it tiresome to watch after a point. There is nothing big to take home from the film’s final stretch as well, with the real-life connect coming in from a forced angle.


Naomi Watts is indeed the star of the show and brings out a restrained performance that does justice to the character of Sam Bloom. With Andrew Lincoln being the other member of the cast worth mentioning, the rest of the members are just come and go.

Music & Other Departments

The entire mood maintenance in Penguin Bloom is done on a charming and meditative level, with calmness in the soundtrack and visuals being the aim.


Naomi Watts’ performance is the silver lining of the film.


The film gets very slow and boring after a point.

Did I enjoy it?

No. Felt it was a tough and tedious watch.

Do I recommend it?

If you are a person who likes slow, emotional films, go for it. Else, this may not be the best choice.

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