Perdida Netflix Series Review

A reasonably engaging thriller that isn’t solid enough to pack a punch.

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Perdida Netflix Series Review
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What is the story about?

For starters, there is a 2018 film of the same name and one shouldn’t confuse this series with it. The story is centred on a father (Antonio) and his missing daughter who has been kidnapped. Antonio is after the person who kidnapped his daughter for many years but to no avail. When he learns the only way to contact who kidnapped his daughter years ago is by going to the most dangerous prison in Columbia, he doesn’t have any second thoughts.


Perdida is a straightforward story of loss, search and revenge. Most of the narrative is told through flashbacks, especially the mystery part involving the kidnapping. On paper, this is a very simple and familiar plot of search and revenge but the way it unfolds does make a difference. At times, the story gets a little challenging to follow since the story intercuts with present and past. But it’s the characters – with so many layers - that keep you hooked. It’s one of those series where nothing is black and white. Each character has a purpose and they’re so interesting to follow. The characters keep you invested and with each episode, you get to learn more about them. Apart from Antonio, the other most exciting character is Angelita. One of the reasons the show works is because of its casting as the actors look



Despite the presence of many characters, there are a few you automatically root for. Most of these characters are well established and therefore their performances stand out. Daniel Grao, who plays the primary character of Antonio Santos, is the pick of the actors. As the father yearning for revenge and at the same time searching for his missing daughter, he brings a lot of vulnerability and becomes the most important character of the show. Among the supporting cast, Adrian Paz as Angelita, the public defender, makes quite an impression. Right from her introduction scenes, she holds one’s attention with a very strong performance.



For a crime-thriller with a straightforward revenge angle, the show does the job without making a mess of the output. Agreed, it isn’t perfect and doesn’t quite leave you on a high when it ends, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint either.


The film badly needed some more suspense to keep one hooked right till the end. Also, if you read the plot and sit to watch the film, you aren’t quite surprised by some of the twists.

Did I enjoy it?

I wouldn’t say I did wholeheartedly. But for a familiar thriller, it did pleasantly surprise me.

Do I recommend it?



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