Phirki Review : An emotional yet soulful struggle of a transgender mother’s adoption of an illegitimate girl child

Phirki Review : An emotional yet soulful struggle of a transgender mother’s adoption of an illegitimate girl child
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Zee Bangla brings in yet another soulful and equally struggling journey of a transgender mother played by the very talented Bangla star, Arjaa Banerjee. While the role of her daughter named Phirki has been played by two talents. The childhood character has been played by Mahi Singh while, the adolescence stage has been portrayed by another very talented actor, Sampriti Poddar.

Bengali OTT streaming hasn’t left a single stone unturned in contributing hugely to the web series world. Similar vibes can be seen with this new Zee Bangla entertainment series onboard in the form of Zee5 Phirki. Societal norms have always been a hugely controversial and debatable topic in our human lives; similar contributions have been laid emphasis on with this one. 

Right from putting up an emotional intent over such provoking issues, the story has been highly functional over pushing such societal norms. As per the teaser released earlier, this one is quite a thought-provoking story that revolves around the life of transgender in our current society. Right from struggling to be a normal child since the childhood days to being a parent as a grown-up, this one has tried its level best in displaying the less known yet hard realities of a transgender’s life. 

Zee Bangla has once again done its best in putting forth a much controversial yet hard held real side of the society. The story revolves around the two prime characters of Phirki, the child who was rescued by Lokkhi, the transgender mother. 

This isn’t the first time, Zee5 has come up with such a subject and especially Zee Bangla. Right from delivering stories like- Nakshi Kantha to the story of the dark-skinned girl, conquering against all odds- Krishnakoli and popular show, Bokul Kotha, the channel has pretty well offered ensured entertainment with a strong message. 

Similar can be expected from this one as it holds a great story along with a thought-provoking societal ideology. If you are amongst those emotionally connected web series lovers, this one is a must-watch for you. Bringing in the biggest dose of ardently enriched entertainment with a really strong message for the society is Phirki.

The first episode has already been on air while the rest of the episodes will stream at 9 pm every day from Monday to Saturday on the same streaming platforms. 

Talking about the first episode, the music attracts all attention with an incredible play in the background. With such soulful music playing in the backdrop, the full episode streams the story of Lokkhi who while carrying her mother's funeral rites narrates the agonising story of her havoc life wreaks. 

Phirki can be mentioned as a continued glue stick for the already existing fans of the famous Zee Bangla show, Bokul Kotha. The story at every instance teaches and provokes on pooling equal respect and considerations to every element of the society.

The series considers a pretty interesting topic which prevails on a high rise in our society with a different point of view. Such an issue even though hasn’t been addressed earlier makes it a must-watch. 

Right from her personal life struggles to the added encounter of deferment of being a transgender mother makes this one a special show. The actors have performed really well and real in the titular character of Phirki and Lukkhi. Their versatile acting skills will keep you glued with the show. However, you need to stay tuned to the streaming platform to get more on the show till Saturday! 

The glimpses of this heart-touching tale of a struggling transgender mother and her girl child have already won many hearts with its teaser itself. Well! Now it’s time for the real show to turn all heads around with this eventful emotional show with an innovative idea. The story is a bit predictable but, a pleasure to watch.

Ratings: 3/5

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