Please Find Attached S2 Review

Life lessons are aplenty in this breezy sophomore season

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Please Find Attached S2 Review
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What is the story about?

The second season of this show sees Sanya and Shaurya’s relationship deepen as they live together, but their bond is in peril when Shaurya gets a promotion at work, and professional and personal lives collide.


When you enter a relationship with someone who’s also your colleague at work, things are bound to get messy at some point of time. Please Find Attached delves into this truth by looking at two flawed individuals—Sanya and Shaurya. To be fair, even though they are at the centre of this show, the makers wisely decide to focus on the world outside their bubble. Shaurya’s promotion is a neat little gambit that introduces the crisis in his relationship with Sanya, and it drives the bulk of the narrative throughout this season.

But one thing that definitely stands out is how both Sanya and Shaurya come to terms with their own flaws, through their individual interactions with others. While Shaurya learns the downside to managing his team, it is fascinating how Sanya learns to find out her own strengths as a person and as a professional. Writers Kaviraj Singh, Sehaj Kaur Maini and Ajay Kumar create a very realistic world of two individuals caught between their desires and compulsions as professionals, and they succeed in delivering a number of life lessons without getting too preachy. The episodes are breezy, and leave a pleasant aftertaste overall.


Though Barkha Singh and Ayush Mehra are absolutely great as Sanya and Shaurya, and continue from where they left off in Season 1, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya is the standout performer this season as Ratna, Sanya’s new senior at work.

Music & Other Departments

Harshvardhan Singh and Dilraj Gopi’s background score is effectively light. Ajinkya Pandit’s camerawork is alright.


The fourth episode, titled “Choices” is the best of this season. While the episode is very well done, the highlight is that one scene where Ratna tells Sanya about following the right path to happiness.


None as such.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Of course. It’s breezy, charming and a reminder that creators can stick to basics and still make a show work.

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