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Production House: Netflix and Warparty Cast: Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie, Marcia Gay Harden Dialogues: Adam G Simon Music: Mitch Lee Cinematography: Junami Azpiroz Editing: Jim Page Producers: Joe Canrahan and Frank Grillo Story: Fred Cavaé Screenplay: Adam G Simon Direction: Joe Lynch Premiere date: 12th July 2019 Story: A fugitive, Mateo, runs for his life after murdering the DA (Adam .G. Simon) He awaits his brother (played by Frank Grillo) as he is on the run. But he is accidentally knocked down by him. Mateo is wheeled to the hospital by the medics. But it is essential for him to get out of there to hand over a drive comprising of a gold mine of information, that could bust all dirty cops while on duty. Regina Lewis (Marcia Gay Harden) is the dirty cop, who is also assigned to investigate the DA’s murder. On learning of the missing drive, Regina is after the brothers. While Mateo is in the hospital, Paul, the Nurse, is threatened to help Mateo get out of there. Paul succumbs to the whims of the fugitive snipers, as his wife is on the brink of labour, and he will do everything in his power to keep his wife safe. Sadly, his wife too is taken hostage by Frank Grillo, and what happens then is simply gut-wrenching, putting viewers on the edge of their seats. Artistes’ Performances: Frank Grillo is a natural. They have given an interesting shade of good to all the bad that is to him. Surprisingly, he times his emotions well and slips to the good side with just as much ease as he is while playing the fugitive.  Adam .G. Simon is a fantastic speedster. His active run at the brink of the flick keeps everyone on the edge. His dialogue delivery is intense and balances Frank Grillo well. Anthony Mackie is the nurse, who is ever so compassionate, and yet slips into a number of emotions with great ease. He deals with anxiety, happiness, sadness, regret, and being brave and determined all at the same time, all sequentially delivered to the optimum best. Technical Merit: The lights have been well played, and are telling of every evolving circumstance in the plot. Direction: While the start was fantastic, the ride gets slightly rickety in between. Especially where Regina and the fugitive brothers parts could get viewers to get slightly confused about the nuances of the plot. Dialogues: A fantastic mix of both worlds well delivered to leaving an interesting imprint on the onlookers mind. Cinematography: The start was telling, but cinematography got compromised at places, delivering a double meaning of things confusing viewers. Music: There is a liberal play of lyrics along with the usual beatboxing. Sometimes the lyrics don’t quite match up to the situation. Editing: The start was well placed, with the lighting being perfectly balanced to match the intensity of the plot. Production standards: Not exactly outstanding, but they could have done better! Highlights: The energy and the play-out that is well rendered to hook viewers for precisely seventeen and a half minutes. Drawback: The second half could be better done! Both in terms of overall production, and plotting as well Analysis: Every character makes this flick worth watching. The plot is brilliantly balanced to the best of the cast’s ability. One could wonder, why make a male nurse the lead protagonist, but they are most susceptible to becoming victims in cases such as these, especially in regions where the crime rates skyrocket, delivering viewers to the much-needed adrenaline rush. Icing on the cake: Just like a page-turner! Rating: 3.5/5

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