Prank Encounters Review - Juvenile and Rancid

Prank Encounters Review - Juvenile and Rancid
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For starters, I simply hate practical jokes and hidden camera pranks. They are annoying, disparaging and demotivating. I don't find hidden camera pranks as a part of entertainment at all. Practical jokes do cause a lot of emotional distress to unwilling participants and we do not condone any such behavior. But nevertheless, I kept my bias aside while reviewing this show.  Prank Encounters adds the aspect of scaring the living daylights out of people, who are strangers that come together in a situation. This isn’t the first time that a show has been made on scaring people via hidden cameras. But does this live upto the hype? When the show first released on Netflix, it was panned heavily by audiences. It has been accused by several people of being fake and having hired actors to play the part of 'scared individuals'.I felt tthe first episode showing a teddy bear coming to life was hilarious. But by the end of it, I felt almost as if the partipants were in on the prank and their reactions seemed engineered into the episode. So I felt that the entire episode seemed a bit unconvincing. The show has 8 episodes of half-hour each and I could barely wait for them to get over. For those who are fans of Netflix's hit show Stranger Things, you will get to see Gaten Matarazzo in one of the episodes. We will not reveal anything more about the episode, so as to avoid spoilers. There is another episode about an alien baby popping out of a man's stomach and honestly, it is not just repulsive but also done in a very tasteless manner. There is one more episode, which has been heavily panned by critics and audiences, where they are shown to make light of unsuspecting job-seekers. In this day and age of a global meltdown and people losing their jobs, how right does it seem to mock people genuinely looking for jobs? Netflix, has however, defended the show in a press release which they had to release after backlash on social media. This may perhaps be one of my shortest reviews, but this show definitely does not any value or benefit to your life. It is better to skip it. Rating 0.5/5

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