Production houses are in a race to lease Ramoji Film City for a very long period.

Sajid Ali -

Production houses are in a race to lease Ramoji Film City for a very long period.

Ramoji Film City is one of the most sought after shooting spot for film industries across India. The vast infrastructure, viable sets and shooting floors, makes it a dream spot for most of the successful directors. The iconic sets of Baahubali are a tourist spot in the film city.

Ramoji film city, which dubbed as a stupendous film city, is said to be the world’s largest film city. You can find a spot for any type of film right from a small budget to the highest one can think of. We can proudly say it’s one of the studios which can be compared to the big leagues in the west.

The recent buzz is that many renowned production houses from all of the Indian film industries are on the prowl to lease the Ramoji film city considerably for a very long period. And this would give them immense power to handle the content being created in those parts. 

Owning or leasing a shooting floor or an entire film city is always an intelligent investment. Not only that particular studio can benefit from the films made under their banner but others will be at their mercy. 

If you see there are handful studios left in India, to name a few Mehboob Studio (Mumbai), Yash Raj Studios (Mumbai), Film City (Mumbai), AVM Studios (Chennai) & MGR Film City (Chennai). Many iconic films have been shot in these studios and have created endless memories. But Ramoji Film City has become a dream destination for its large square foot, which gives the filmmakers the freedom to explore more without limitations. 

Imagine if one of the production houses has the capacity to lease this largest studio to their advantage, then it will create a stir among the filmmakers. There are rumours, even the leading streaming sites wants in on the action and are in the race to grab this opportunity. Now let’s wait and watch who takes the larger piece of the pie or the entire pie itself.

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