Puerta 7 Review- Of football hooliganism and politics

Puerta 7 Review- Of football hooliganism and politics
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Every time there’s an international football (soccer) tournament, we’re reminded again and again how intrinsic violence and hooliganism are to the sport’s culture. Based in the heart of Argentina a football frenzied nation, Puerta 7 is a politically charged series that tackles the coming together of organized crime, professional football and politics behind the scenes in one messy, dramatic thriller which has an 8-episode storyline. Taking centre stage for this clash is Lomito, a crime boss who orchestrates the crowds behind him during a tense match on the pitch. When a masked assassin stabs him repeatedly, leaving him fatally wounded, the club and Lomito’s friends rally separately to track down those behind this attack, with the latter subsequently launching a counter-attack and plunging the two gangs into a blood feud.

An expectedly messy jumble of characters and conflicting subplots can leave Puerta 7 feeling a bit alienating, but the overarching thrust of the narrative is simple enough to keep track of. Naturally certain elements and threads work better than others, but since it is completely criminal based, some tracks of romance and of intrigue are sorely missed. 

The numerous different storylines do give the show a bit of a busy feel, which is a little ironic given the slow pace parts of this series tends to adopt. Still, the clash between football, politics and organised crime works well within the context and there are certainly some nice twists along the way. There are some casualties and not everyone makes it out alive by the end but Puerta 7 is an enjoyable, albeit flawed, thrill ride worth taking.


Rating- 3/5

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