Pulang Review - A heartwarming and a beautiful story of love

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Pulang Review - A heartwarming and a beautiful story of love
Movie Rated

Format: Feature Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance 
Language: Bahasa Malaysia
Digital Premiere Date: 28 September 2020

Set over a period of six decades Pulang opens with an old woman on her deathbed. She has one dying wish- She wants her grandson to find out what happened to her husband who has been missing for years. Through a flashback we see a woman fall in love with a fisherman at first sight. That love is reciprocated and eventually blooms into a marriage. One day, the husband decides to join a shipping company and sail around the globe, leaving his wife at home, waiting for his promised return… for 61 long years.

Pulang tells a compelling story about the heartbreaking relationship between Othman and Thom. It explores Thom’s excruciating wait for her husband and the reason behind his disappearance. What makes the movie even more compelling is that it's a labour of love inspired by a true story Ahmad Izham heard from his father Omar Othman. Director Kabir Bhatia has done a fantastic job of bringing out an eternal tale of love. The story-telling and cinematography are immersive experiences. The storyline, characters are also well-written and you will end up crying every 10 minutes during the film.
However, the film also has its share of drawbacks. The makers have used some drone shots and the CGI, which ruin an otherwise immersive cinema watching experience.
As the film reaches its end, the intricate balance between adventure, romance and drama shifts excessively towards the latter, which results in a number of melodramatic scenes that ruin the compelling narrative. There are several scenes that seem to stretch and drag for an unnecessarily long time. The editing towards the end could have been more tight. Nevertheless, if you believe in true love and the longing that comes with it, we suggest you definitely watch this movie.


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