Putham Pudhu Kaalai Music Review

Two songs make a big impression in this likable soundtrack!

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Putham Pudhu Kaalai Music Review

Amazon Prime’s exciting Tamil anthology drops on the 16th of October, and there are loads of good things going for the film. With multiple directors coming forward, the album has six songs. However, 4 of them will be used up for Sudha Kongara’s part.
Putham Pudhu Kaalai – Title Track: Singer – GV Prakash Kumar 
GV Prakash truly rules the roost with both his music and vocals in this lovely and instantly enjoyable song that comes forward with a very catchy hook. The way the song collides with the high line is superb, and credit should go to lyricist Kaber Vasuki too, for that.
Kanna Thoodhu Po Da: Singer – Bombay Jayashri 
Govind Vasantha comes in for his old song in the album, and boy does he make it count. A superbly composed song that has Bombay Jayashri’s vocals as the icing on the cake. The mild setup holds you with the smartly orchestrated Carnatic touches all over.
Manmadhan Naan Dhaana: Singer – SPB Charan
Though this one feels like it was tailor-made for SPB, the heir does a pretty good job with a good range of variations.
Oho Endhan Baby: Singers – SPB Charan, GV Prakash Kumar, Bhavani Sre
Another different try-out that works out to an extent. Here, SPB Charan’s autotuned vocals and variations don’t work out as good as the previous number. However, the old-world feel is nice.
Kulfi Kuchchi: Singers – GV Prakash, Bhavani Sre
For some reason, this song does feel a bit familiar, but still holds on to its lively mood.
Kannam Adhil Vannam: Singers – GV Prakash, Bhavani Sre
Another mischievous song that strikes because of the vocals that are workably organized.
For an anthology film that doesn’t actually require too many songs, Putham Pudhu Kaalai gives us more than what we need. GV Prakash’s unique experiments could go bigger with the visuals, while Govind Vasantha’s one-off track is a wonder indeed. Fine stuff, though it doesn’t break new barriers.

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