Puzhayamma Review

An important yet preachy film on the preservation of rivers!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Puzhayamma Review
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What is the story about?

Puzhayamma, as the name goes, bases itself on the banks of a river in Kerala, where a young girl (Meenakshi) and a foreign tourist (Linda Arsenio) form a lovely friendship. The film purely focuses on the events that take place in and around the river, and about how the duo spread awareness on the preservation of rivers. 


Puzhayamma is entirely a docu-drama. The film, right from the start, helps in gathering the people’s attention and spreading information on the beauty of rivers, their importance and why one should keep them clean. At many points, one will feel that there is hardly any story to move forward, as the film is busy promoting nature in plain, preachy fashion. However, the series of events in the final 30 minutes prove to make it an interesting finish for the film. 


Baby Meenakshi has a very likable presence, and does very well in the lead role of the film. Her dialogues have been put together meticulously, and it shows. On the other hand, the foreigner Linda Arsenio offers good support to the film, including the takeoff and the landing portions of the narrative. The rest of the actors such as Thampi Antony are functional fits. 

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Puzhayamma’s technicalities fit the tone of a documentary, and help it through neatly. 


The important message about rivers, which is rarely stressed on, is put into use here.


The film feels like a documentary on the whole, those looking for entertainment should walk over. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not much. Things could have been passed over in a cleaner, slightly interesting way. 

Do I recommend it?

Puzhayamma is an on-your-face docu-drama on the preservation of rivers. Parts of it are well-intentioned, but be prepared for a lot of social studies too. 

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