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Intercut between key milestone moments from her past and a television interview that serves as the guide of the story, we travel with a lost little girl who loses her faith in everything she puts her trust in and who then goes on to create her own law and become the woman that an entire state put their faith in. From a reluctant impoverished 15 year old debutante actress to the moment where she stands at the funeral of the most loved leader of Tamil Nadu, It’s a shockingly tragic yet a truly inspiring tale about the creation of the people’s Queen.

Episode 1: The Breach As a brilliant, academically driven 15 year old who has no-one in her family to guide her, she tops the state in her tenth standard board exams. Episode 2: The Wall A wall separates 12 year old Shakti from her best friend Pinky. But the wall isn't just a physical divide. Shakti slowly begins to understand the real distance between them. Episode 3: Circle of Light A reluctant debutante actress, Shakti Seshadri and ace director Shridhar Vasudevan, form an unlikely alliance. Episode 4: HIM Meeting superstar GMR changes Shakti's life irreversibly and thus begins Shakti's journey to superstardom. Episode 5: Tipping Point A headstrong Shakti starts to find herself backed into a corner with GMR, as cracks begin to appear in their relationship. Episode 6: Home & Away As Shakti's home life spirals out of control, a romance sparks off during her Telugu film with director Chaitanya Reddy. Episode 7: The Dream Living a dream, with hope for marriage and a family still being a possibility, Shakti dives headlong into her relationship with Chaitanya Reddy. Episode 8: The Nightmare Shakti and her mother begin to heal their fractured relationship, while bonding over shared misery. Episode 9: The Prophecy Meeting GMR changes Shakti's life yet again. This time plunging her into the world of Tamil Nadu politics. Episode 10: The Fall The death of GMR, leaves Shakti with a decision to make. Will she choose greatness or happiness? Episode 11: The Rise At the funeral, a life altering incident sets Shakti off on a trajectory that will have her replacing GMR as the face of the party. The Queen replaces the King.

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