Queer Eye Season 6 Release Date and Shooting Details

Jeya Suriya -

Queer Eye Season 6 Release Date and Shooting Details

Queer Eye, the American Netflix Original Show has got worldwide enthusiasts. The fans claim it is the happiest, essential and beautifully accepting piece on television, and the conversion of the models’ lives is unimaginable to witness.

The show is produced by Netflix and the American Streaming behemoth has released five seasons so far. The last season docked online on June 5, 2020. Aficionados worldwide have binged the season five and they were very desperate to know that if there is an upcoming season planned from the American Company. 

Yesss! Season Six has already been renewed by Netflix and they have already started taping the show. Like anyone in the world, the COVID-19 Pandemic has held the shooting of the show now. As the Government announces allowing of filming with regulations, the team is expected to go on floors back any time from now. 

In the previous seasons, the Fab Five have preferred their heartwarming makeovers to Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Japan and Pennsylvania. Now, the official Queer Eye Twitter handle announced that the team would be going to Texas for filming Season Six. 

Queer Eye is a reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Lad. It is a makeover show from the early 2000s. The Netflix series perceives the Fab Five modify people’s lives with their capabilities – Karamo Brown is a culture and lifestyle guru, Jonathan Van Ness takes care of grooming and hair, Antoni Porowski brings some flair to the kitchen, Tan France sorts the wardrobe and Bobby Berk helps with interior design.

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