Ragini MMS 2 (Returns) Review – from Erotica to Eerie and everything in between!

Ragini MMS 2 (Returns) Review – from Erotica to Eerie and everything in between!
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Ragini MMS 2, went live from the 18th of December 2019. The series is part of the AltBalaji and ZEE5 conjunction, and hence will be streaming on both platforms. The production has added drama, nudity, horror and comedy. Considering the stark differences in the genre I am uncertain about which exacting genre would this series fall in?   

The plot revolves around a certain ‘Victoria Villa’, that once belonged to a British photographer. The man had a nasty habit of clicking images of the dead. The villa is haunted by a ‘Marathi mulgi’ who is smitten by the sleaze. Paranormal activities in the villa stepped up in the ’70s. Even the dashing Sunny Leone who is a paranormal researcher, has tried intervening in the happenings of the villa but got killed in the bargain. After her death, no daredevil has managed to venture in the villa. Considering the paranormal activities had abated, a family decided to buy the villa and converted it into a hotel. 

‘Rags’ (Divya Mittal) somehow stumbles on this hotel on a travel web site and decides on buying five of her other friends a stay in the hotel. The all-girls gang complete with lacy corsets and shimmers are out making their way to this spooky haunted house, that’s owned by ‘Rahul’ (Varun Sood). The girls do meet with something spooky on their first night in the hotel but dismiss it as exhaustion from the long journey. 

The next day these girls meet with the boy gang. The fun has but hardly begun when Ragini smells a rat and decides on further inquiring about the hotel. Rahul gives Ragini an insight into the history of the hotel, and they take off on planet erotica! 

On a certain night, the group of friends find the Ouija board very charming indeed! They think its all fun and game till they’ve pretty much quaked the spirits out of their wits, forcing the spirits to scare the daylights out of them. Rahul’s friend Kamna, goes on to add that the effects were all organized by her and Rahul, to make the holiday a memorable one for the girls. 

Rahul tries hard to keep the spook element at bay, but the same keeps surfacing from time to time. An old Marathi lady living off the highway, reveals to Ragini why was she here and why was the ghost after her? The old lady recognises her from a previous life and tells her about who she really is!  

The sex is liberally dished out to all those who seek the sleaze! There is sultry lingerie, lace, corsets, stilettoes, kinky clothing, bold women, pussy-hungry boys and more..! But it is funny how the ghost just decides on showing up at the exact time when a couple is all set to make out! There is an element of humour but the scale could have been more intelligibly pronounced. Sunny Leone could have played a more prominent role to enhance the Hotel Victoria situation. Her abrupt death, however, has paved way for Divya and Varun to play their part even better. The make-up is on point and so are the effects, but if it is ironic, that the sleaze element is abruptly ended by the spook, and the spook is flattened out by some real stupid comic element.  One can see that the effects used are really good, and could be advantageously steered if the plot was devised more appropriately. I like the fact that sex due to concent is promoted through the series. Also though the MMS series is fast proving to become a cash cow for Balaji Telefilms, they are not afraid to give new talent a chance. The real live duo Varun and Divya display some sizzling on-screen chemistry.  The direction could have been better; the plot also falls short slightly. But horror clubbed with romance makes for a refreshing box-office grosser!  This under the blanket watch can be rated at a 3/5. 

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