Rahasya Romancha Review: Jhuntu da, blessed by Ma Kali and his different sense of success and wisdom keeps us engaged

Rahasya Romancha Review: Jhuntu da, blessed by Ma Kali and his different sense of success and wisdom keeps us engaged
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If there’s one thing about Hoichoi’s latest web-series Rahasya Romancha that has improved massively from its first season, is its ability to capture moments. It’s lovely to notice the change in the style of cinematography.

Mystery and thriller work like husbands and wives in Rahasya Romancha. You think you know your spouse well, except you have no idea that they might be leading a completely different life. So you secretly complement each other, expecting a leak in information…that part in your marriage where you play the good cop and good cop.

Director Abhirup Ghosh has ensured that the element of thrill here remains a thousand times greater than the first instalment of the web series. There are multiple murders in this mysterious wandering of the wolf and Jhontu Motors. They are all tied together in all possibilities of being thrilled and with no voluntary tendency to get lost in mystery. In that sense, the whole thing is tied in a heavy rhythm.

There are two standalone timelines working together. Although if the first episode is taken as an introductory sequence, the web stream is working on a total of three timelines. In the first tale, there is the story of refugee Sanatan (Rudranil Ghosh) becoming Jhontu da. The second story is based on raising Jhontu Motors in the backdrop of Aurobindo Sevashram, where there have been more than one Jhontu in their respective fields. They use Jhontu as their pseudonym. This timeline is the history of the different kinds of fraudsters who are going forward in a timeline, showing how the current Jhontu (Kharaj Mukherjee) and the current timeline are going at the same time. Two stories have completely grabbed our attention and then comes the third sub-plot where there is the pathological planning of the twin murders and the mysterious revelation of the black wolf. The first timeline of the journey shows up in the web series, but the thrill of the crime thriller may seem awful to the viewer. However, the short failure of sequences between the second and third storylines bridges multiple gaps. Deep and simultaneously playful, and at the same time, all sorts of predictions break down as the psychological story unfolds toward a revelation. Just when it seems that this is all too straightforward to grasp, it's time to plunge from the darkness of mystery again! Until the last episode where life has been a surprise factor. And that's why the Rohoshya Romancha season 2 has become so much more than a crime thriller. They managed to shatter our notions about job, success and our stereotypical idea about how to achieve them.

Whatever work has been done on the big screen before by Aparthik Ghosh, he has played a role in the dark and brutal mystery enclosure, and in this series, the audience will see the same dark horizon. Rudranil Ghosh who here is accompanied by a pair of spectacles manages to deliver a spectacular outing to the audience, who connected with his two sides of life. Be it a female superhero killer or a skilled assassin, the idea of restricting such cinematography only in Hollywood films have been shattered. However, it is yet to be known if Bengali girls taking part in adventurous acts, playing the zombie character after the incident is yet to be accepted with the kind of audience Hoichoi subscribers follow.

When it comes to performances, undeniable Rudranil Ghosh will be dominating this arena. In this series, He has been exposed to so many shades and mixtures of expressions that every movie he has done before needs to be rediscovered. Sometimes he plays a psychologically pervert and other times he is humane, sometimes ruthless and sometimes indifferent. Rudranil performs them all at the same time!

Kharaj Mukherjee is right in the role of Godfather. Is he Don Corleone…no. He is the kind of criminal who is prudent and arrogant, but simultaneously has a dormant father-figure hidden within himself.  Kharaj babu (as he is popularly known in the Bengali film industry) brings up this whole atmosphere in a way that doesn't take too long to build some credibility in the story. The character of Rajdeep Gupta is a huge surprise in this web series, so much it is not known, but it cannot be said that if this Rajdeep Gupta will come out and recognize each other. His preparation for the character of a skilled superior killer was perfectly in synch with his repertoire and physique. Even in his performance of the rough attitude, he evolved. The burdens between a killer have come up easily.

All in all, the best-received mystery from Rahashya Romancha Season 2 is the balancing mix of mystery and thrill, that becomes even more credible with a dedicated cast. If the coronavirus scare has kept you in self-isolation, this is a series you can catch up.

Ratings: 3.5 star

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