Ramya Pasupuleti Interview

Ramya Pasupuleti Interview

The 19-year-old Ramya Pasupuleti isn’t any other regular millennial teenager on the block. An avid blogger, passionate dancer, an Instagram influencer, a budding actor and a BBA student – she’s a girl of many talents and interests, buzzing with enthusiasm, filled with great hopes of a rosy future in the movies. The actor who starred in the online Youtube series Ay Pilla recently, also made her digital platform debut with Zee5’sChadarangam. She had played the role of a teenager grappling with the after-effects of high drug dosage in the series based on the life of popular actor-politician NTR.

It wasn’t the easiest of tasks to slip into the skin of a big-time drug addict, who pays a price for her missteps later. “I had taken reference points from several Spanish shows, series like Breaking Bad, several Youtube videos. I had thoroughly researched the behaviour of drug addicts while the director of Chadarangam, Raj Anantha gave me inputs too,” the youngster shares. She opines that it remains important for an actor to do homework from their end to get the nuances of a role right.

The 2018-release Hushaaru was one among the many highpoints in her life and she frankly didn’t foresee the extent of the fame the film would garner her. “At the end of the day, it feels happy to be a part of a good film that struck a chord with many audiences.” Meanwhile, Chadarangam was no-less fulfilling in terms of the on-set experience too, where she had shared screen-space alongside veteran actors like Kasi Viswanath, Srikanth. “It was certainly an experience to cherish and helped me learn a lot of things, though I would call it more of observational learning.”

Not many know that Ramya’s dad to hails from the Telugu film industry. Surprisingly, he hasn’t shared his verdict on her performance in Chadarangam yet, but the teenager doesn’t seem too miffed about it. “I’ll probably earn his applause once I completely set afoot into the film industry and take up a full-fledged acting career. But I need to say that my parents have been extremely supportive in letting me pursue my interests. In an industry where you don’t see many film persons consenting to their daughter's entry in the industry, my dad has been a pillar of support and it helps me give my best.”

Anushka-starrer Panchakshari was the first-ever instance of her donning the greasepaint as a child-actor. Some of those memories are still afresh in her mind. “I was thrilled to act in front of the screen for the first time. All I remember was enthusiastically talking to

Anushka garu. She pinched my cheeks, appreciated my skin-tone and pulled my leg occasionally too,” Ramya recollects.

A dimension that completes Ramya’s personality is her social-media stint, where she actively blogs, posts images and promotes products as an influencer too. “I never thought I would get so many followers on Instagram. I had just started when I was around 16 and received all my pocket money through Instagram. I was happy to be earning at such a young age. It helped me pay my bills. Unlike the popular perception, it didn’t have much to do with my film career. I anyway had to give auditions for it,” she states. Social media has two sides to it and she has learnt to deal with its notoriousness with tact. Her account was hacked at a certain point too. “When it comes to bullies on social media, I really don’t care, I find their comments funny, take a screenshot of it and laugh about it with my friends.”

One of her earlier ambitions was to be a doctor. In fact, Ramya’s parents wanted her to be addressed as a doctor-cum-actor and even got her to enrol in a pure-science course in her Intermediate. “I didn’t make it to MBBS but I have come to realise I am destined to be in the movies. All my other friends are now pursuing MBBS tell me how distressing the course is and I am super happy that I didn’t have to go through it.” Currently pursuing a course in BBA, it’s her business acumen that she wants to tap into, beyond acting. “I want to make the best use of the business opportunities available in the digital space.”

The actor feels blessed to have been in an age where digital platforms have opened themselves to a gateway of young talent, going a long way in helping those who would want to make a career in the movies. “This generation should know how to utilise such opportunities – sometimes they are right in front of them, but they don’t know to recognise it. ” Among her other priorities in life is to do her MBA and try out a stint in the theatre circuit to nurture her acting skills.

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