Rangbaaz Phirse Review – Another ‘DHAMAKEDAAR’ Doze!

Rangbaaz Phirse Review – Another ‘DHAMAKEDAAR’ Doze!
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Life takes the most inconceivable twists. While most of us cherish the privileges of living in the safety of cities, the other states usually brave problems that are communally inclined. The government invests a lot in order to keep these communal issues at bay, but there are some pesky politicians who believe in throwing the attained peace out of the window, In lieu of steering the votes to their advantage. ‘Ranbaaz Phirse’, a ZEE5 original, that’s streamed on the 20th of December 2019, throws light on just that. The 8 episode series comes alive with action, drama, politics, a liberal dash of violence and more.  

The plot 

 Amarpal Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill) a Jaipur based Rajput, has a simple ambition in life. He simply wants to get in the top-form in college and give his UPSC exams in order to attain a very high position in the government. While still at college, his friends gently coax him to stand for the head of the student body. Luck was on his side and he won the elections. The Rajput and Jaat disputes were evident. So much so the college had assigned a separate wing for the Jaats and a separate one for the Rajputs. Being a straightforward man, Amarpal started meeting with the realities of life just when he is on the brink of commencing a new chapter in his life with his wife ‘Rukmani’ (Spruha Joshi). Jairam Godara (Sushant Singh) who is a ‘Jaat’ comes to his rescue. The duo shares a deep bond. Just as life goes on Amarpal Singh is once again asked to stand for the ‘Panchayat’ elections. The request is backed by the plea of Madan Singh (Ahemad Khan). Amarpal Singh and his wife campaign rigorously, but owing to the undying efforts of Raja Pohghat (Sharad Kelkar), Amarpal Singh loses the elections by exactly 2 votes. Amarpal Singh takes defeat in his stride. However, what happens later is Phogat Singh’s invests all his efforts to topple Amarpal Singh’s world, in order to expand his business and criminal activity. 

When Amarpal Singh hears of the same, he and Jairam Godara, come together, destroy Raja Phogat’s growing base, turning all his henchmen to Amarpal Singh’s side, this includes Phogat’s right man, Balram Rathi. Amarpal Singh’s begins to realize that things don’t exactly work around the communal way, but loyalty and trust form the mainstay.  The gang war becomes an essential part of the series.   GulPanag’s entry happens right at the end of the 3rd episode. She is introduced as Ananya Chaudhary, a broker who has lost 13 crores in the share market. She comes to Amarsingh for help to save herself from the debtors. At first, Amarsingh underestimates her, but what happens later is wonderful.  

The pluses  

The plot is hooking as ever and captivates the essence and flavours of the Rajasthani gang-wars in great detail. It is interesting how the writers have tapped into a new culture keeping from the stayed ways of incorporating the gang wars from Bihar and Lucknow. There isn’t a dull moment in the series. The act unfolds beautifully. The intonation is aptly used to help audiences from all over to comprehend the nuances of what is happening in each episode. The dialogues are to the point, which makes the series even more interesting. The element of romance is there, but it balances the plot well and is proportionately handled to keep from discounting the on the essence of the plot. The way each character shouldered their role is simply outstanding. They have braced the plot brilliantly; imparting a certain unique flavour to the series. I am assuming that the writer has plotted the scenes based on the bond that the cast share and how they’ve evolved with each scene. 

Jimmy Sheirgill and Sushant Singh, have delved well into their character. They seemed to have absorbed themselves into the flavours of Rajasthan delivering an outstanding performance. 

While Mohammed Zeeshan Aayub has been absent at the promotions of Rangbaaz Phirse, I’d certainly like to add that his outstanding performance has left an indelible impact on the minds of the viewers. From being an innocent student to evolving as a street smart, yet decisively understanding cop, he has really upped his game. Kudos to you Sir! Your performance in the series is simply spellbinding. 

Sharad Kelkar is fast making his mark in the gang war films and series. As an actor, he proves to be very versatile. On a positive note he can certainly add more to his career graph by tapping into roles that are not only gang war inclined. 

Even though the dialogues are straightforward and simple, director Sachin Pathak has manoeuvred the plot exceedingly well. 

As a reviewer, I have been smitten by the way the plot has unfolded. I’d call it the ‘Ashwin Sanghi’ style. I credit the writer, Siddharth Mishra for allowing the plot to evolve meaningfully while keeping with the mystery element. I also credit him for giving importance to the girl child by breaking the clichéd rule of having a son to continue with the family legacy. He displays a certain open-mindedness on that note. Also the friendship between the Jaat and the Rajput addresses communal issues, which are absolutely needless in today’s day and age. These issues sow seeds of dissension in people’s mind propelling to cause impending havoc.  

Overall I’d state ‘Rangbaaz Phirse’ is a must-watch!

Rating: 4/5. 

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