Rasbhari Review: Another Mastram available Online for Netizens, Patience test for Critics!​​​​​​​

Rasbhari Review:  Another Mastram available Online for Netizens, Patience test for Critics!​​​​​​​
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Nand is amongst the rush of men who pursue Shanu, the new English teacher in Meerut. Upon his discovering her supposed alter-ego, the sex-obsessed spirit of Rasbhari, their relationship takes a new turn. A now matured Nand, takes up the responsibility of saving Shanu from the ongoing witch hunt by the women of the town initiated by his own mother, Pushpa.

Format: Feature Film
Platform: Prime
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 24 June 2020


Adult Comedy has got always its own set of audience in every generation worldwide. Netflix recently pumped up the game with their Adult only Reality Show, "Too Hot To Handle" and even MX Player docked a Web Series to their Platform - Mastram which increased their users by 80%. Now, to tap Masses from Indian Regional market, Amazon's streaming service acquired the Swara Bhasker starrer Rasbhari. The lead actress is well known for too many controversies and it is for sure going to tilt the audience up from Indian Subcontinent. 

What's the story about?
The story is set at the Little North Indian Town, Meerut on 2017. Nand Kishore Tyagi (Ayushman Saxena), at his adolescent age, challenges his friends that he will lose his chastity before his high-school ends. Despite multiple attempts in losing, he fails on it. And at the same timeframe, a New English teacher, Shanoo Bhansal (Swara Bhasker) joins his school and also resides in his locality with her husband, Naveen (Pradhuman Singh). At school, Priyanka(Rashmi Agdekar) falls in love with Nand and eventually fails at it despite she hints her love multiple times to Nand. Whereas, Nand who's got an eye for the teacher finds out that her teacher Shanno has extramarital affairs with too many men. Not just Nand, the whole locality gets to know the promiscuous activities of Shanoo and it ultimately triggers the housewives of the vicinity. So, the remaining tale is about whether Nand loses his chastity or will he fall in love with Priyanka and also what will be the action and reactions of the housewives headed by Nand's mother, Pushpa (Neelu Kohli). 

The above plot will give you a thought that whether the story is adulterous to the max?? Yes, it is, the story gives you the feel of thinking whether Meerut is the Horniest Capital of India and also are the citizens of Meerut are always more lascivious. We also have some twist and turns with some split-personality coming into the tale. (Yes this is the 17th title with Split-Personality I've watched since Lockdown)

The story has nothing to endeavour the artists to perform. The maximum performance the artists can contribute to this product is with their orgasmic reactions which are possible for them to do more often. Rashmi who played the role of Priyanka had the only scope of performing where she also delivered it with a mixture of love and lust. Otherwise, the gang of housewives headed by Pushpa did make work a few comedies in every episode.

Music and Other Departments
This kind of narrative allows the composer only to create sensual and gross-esque tunes. And the MD has done it without fail. Especially the "Rashbari" Title track will hit straight into the masses mind. Scissors could have been used better in the series to weed out many lags and with mediocre production value, the lens team has pulled off what is required.

So, this creative product being an adult comedy targetting the masses will work great amongst them as the comedy scenes work so well. Similar to Mastram, this show also has got a lot of soft - porn-esque scene which will draw the attention amongst the genre loving netizens. 

Though the series is targetted at a particular set of audience, there is now story depth. The tale does not progress after the 5th Episode after a twist. With a vile screenplay, the tale does not possess enough twists and turns. Also, the climax twist is a bit predictable and a boring one.

Since any 10th film I watch has got a split personality twist, here we go with a split-personality analysis

The show can be analysed in two formats.

1.  In a Critic POV - It is one of the eeriest creative product you will ever witness in your life. Because, there is no proper story, screenplay and making. Except for a few comedy scenes, the show would be bashed by any other critic. The show also put your persistence in a test as you would feel to give up watching it at a point of time.

2.   In a Mass Netizen POV - The show satisfies the set of netizens who just love it. I repeat, It just satisfies. Burlesque scenes are so nicely scripted and lewd exhibitions would also satisfy the genre-specific netizens. As told before, there is soft-porn-esque vulgarity but it does not go overboard then it.

Do I recommend?
If you don't like the genre, please skip it and if you are a fan of the genre, give it a shot as it might amuse, arise, awaken and do the all "A" stuffs within you to enlighten life.


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