Reality Z Review: Terrible zombie horror that is a waste of time!

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Reality Z Review: Terrible zombie horror that is a waste of time!
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With Rio de Janeiro under a zombie attack, contestants on a reality show shelter in TV studio, where they must deal with more than flesh-eating hordes.

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: Portugese 
Digital Premiere Date: 10 June 2020


Zombies are the go-to genre for producers round the world these days, as they provide horror in an entertaining format where it is easy to create tension. The latest to join the club is Reality Z, a Brazilain horror series that is an official remake of Dead Set, the highly successful mini-series that hit the small screens a few years ago.

What’s the story about?
Reality Z follows the same storyline of Dead Set, without any further changes. The setting is that of a big reality show like Big Brother, where a zombie outbreak brings in all the tension and turns things on its head. The characters go through many hurdles in order to save themselves from the horror, and Reality Z captures all of that and more as we move through the ten-episode web series.


The main issue with Reality Z is that it doesn’t pick up the pace by surprising the audience at any point in time. Each and every plot point that it uses in the zombie space is tried and tested, failing to grab our attention. The making of the show too, looks too outdated, having the look and feel of a series that released five years ago. Another problem that the series has is the humour, which is totally forced, adding to the gross of the show. It is the writing that should have been taken care off in a better way, adding spice to the proceedings all through, especially with such an enticing plot and source material in hand.
Sadly, Reality Z’s acting chops are one of the worst when it comes to shows on Netflix. There is not one good performance that can be singled out from the film, and that’s the most disappointing aspect of the show. Sabrina Sato’s half-episode cameo is the most enjoyable part.


Music and Other Departments
Reality Z is complemented by decent cinematography and music, which do not add much value to the proceedings.
Reality Z’s only highlight is the cool plot, which has again been picked up from the show called Dead Set.
Almost every department has a flaw in this show, but the biggest one would be on how the acting is consistently bad throughout the ten episodes.
Did I enjoy it?
No, I wanted to stop halfway and move on to another show or movie.
Do I recommend it?
If you’re a fan of the zombie genre and don’t mind trashy horror, this could qualify for time pass. The others, better stay away.


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