Red Notice (2021) Review

A Hollywood movie inspired by Bollywood movies. Not that it is a compliment.

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Red Notice (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Interpol has issued a 'Red Notice' to nab the world's most wanted art thief. A top FBI profiler gets assigned the job to nab the criminals and protect one of the three bejeweled eggs given by Julius Caesar to Cleopatra.  He partners with a world famous art thief named Nolan Booth to arrest another world famous art thief named 'The Bishop', who has her eyes on the 'Golden Eggs'. 


I had seen The Misfits recently. And I felt there couldn't have been a more boring, insipid and bland film in the action-comedy genre. I was wrong, as I saw Red Notice. A movie packed with car-chases and twists every 10 minutes would put even Abbas-Mustan to shame. Dwayne Johnson as a tough FBI agent, Ryan Reynolds as a quick-witted yet smug art thief, and Gal Gadot as a mysterious criminal are names that look good on paper, because each one brings along a certain charisma and charm to the movie they star in. Unfortunately it doesn't quite add up in this movie. The movie will take you on a long tedious ride in several parts of the world and would make you marvel at the costumes, cinematography and the makeup of the leads, because they are very stunning actors after all, but the movie itself is an exercise in vanity. Towards the end of the movie I was half-expecting Gal Gadot to remove a mask and turn out to be Hrithik Roshan, because sitting through all the ridiculous twists, turns, double-crossing each other, I felt the last twist would be of the makers having an Indian actor on board. If you have seen the Indiana Jones, National Treasure, The Third Man, Gladiator, Reservoir Dogs or Raiders of the Lost Ark movies, this movie might actually seem like a spoof of all those movies put together. The story is redundant and has been done to death. It is a formulaic masala caper, but people maybe wanted to watch it owing to the star-power. Sadly, this movie is a letdown for even the die hard fans of Reynolds, Gadot and Johnson. It was actually a huge opportunity wasted because the movie's central premise is a no-brainer action-comedy. So how could you go wrong with that?


Ryan Reynolds as the wise-cracking art thief seems like he is playing an extension of his Deadpool character. Dwayne Johnson as a stoic FBI agent is just average. Gal Gadot as the mysterious 'Bishop' doesn't have much of a comic timing, but makes up for an interesting screen presence. The trio have no chemistry on the screen and we wish they could have been given better dialogues and script. 

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The movie, which lacks severely in scripting and dialogues, makes up for it in stunning visuals. The movie has been shot beautifully and the cinematography is top-notch. The CGI seems patchy in places like the fight scene with Dwayne and the bull in Rome Coliseum, which induced more laughs than thrills. The action and chase sequences are done quite tactfully, but are too frequent. True, you might get to see Rome, Egypt, Russia all in the same film, but then it isn't a travel advertorial. 


Watch it for the cinematography.


  • Too lengthy
  • Far too many twists and turns
  • Weak storyline

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

No. But then if you are in the mood for a general, mindless masala film, you might want to watch it. 

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