Restaurants on the Edge Review- An eye-soothing foodie journey, less seasoned with food affairs

Restaurants on the Edge Review- An eye-soothing foodie journey, less seasoned with food affairs
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The show series Netflix’s Restaurants On The Edge made its debut on Canada’s Cottage Life network in the month of January. However, it later got released worldwide over the prime OTT streaming platform, Netflix. The idea behind the show is to take a trail over some of the overwhelming restaurants with fantastic views and amazing locations, however, with low standard food quality. 

There’s a lot of cliché with this reality show title as it’s not an edgy version of these restaurants taken in account but, actually, a complete makeover shows for them. The show empowers culinary to decorative help for these downtrodden establishments to help them get back on their feet before getting blown off. 

Unmatched with a food-based series, this one is less of the traumatic kitchen failures and challenges but, more of a travelogue thing. However, you are sure to watch it over to enjoy the lovely seaside, lakeside views, mountainside and even few precipitous locations that have never been seen in such a manner. Well! No matter the food factory couldn’t give a buzz to the show but, yes, the beautiful landscapes have built enough of buzz to keep the show going. The cinematographic views are amazing and you will love the places these restaurants make you land into.

The entire show goes around the triplets trying to fix the disappointments of these eateries in terms of refocusing on their establishments, revitalising the menus and not to forget redesigning its aesthetic setup. Nestled with the host’s positive energy, relentless support and affirming behaviour, the restaurant's owners tend to feel a bliss space with each assistance extended by the show hosts. 

However, the title doesn’t justify the show, at all! Rather, it would have been better if the show title could have related to some eateries-rescue show title in a more creative way.

In its own different manner, the show offers its innovative sense of visiting some of the most remarkable places to visit. If you haven’t got a chance to travel much, this one can be a true decorative filler for you. 

Bohn has been the ultimate star of the show offering a pretty camera-friendly, fun-filled and highly energetic delivery for the viewers. The show goes more like an airy dream show which makes it quite unlikely for a regular haunt show, on board.

Netflix’s Restaurants On The Edge holds a clear double meaning in terms of showcasing the edgiest views of some of the most aesthetic and mind-boggling natural escapes to the real restaurants that have reached the edge of failure. The entire journey sails through the beautiful territories of Hong Kong, Tobermory in Canada, St. Lucia, Austria and even Costa. In addition to witnessing the natural beauty of these places, the objective journey of trying to save these places by adding a good vibe, presentation and menu, adds the true spice to the show. The triplets have done their job very well however, there’s nothing very new about the show. In fact, you can call it a pretty scenic version of the already existing Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares show working over friendlier assistance of the three experts from their own fields. 

However, one thing that unreasonably makes the show a big one is the portrayed beauty of the locations flaunted all over the show.  Streaming it can be fun if you watch it just for its scenic features, however, if you wish to look for some real “Restaurants On The Edge”, the show isn’t a good show. 

Rating: 2/5

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