Revealed: First look poster of ZEE5 Telugu's upcoming series, LOSER

Revealed: First look poster of ZEE5 Telugu's upcoming series, LOSER

Exciting times are up ahead at ZEE5 Telugu. The exclusive Telugu streaming service has just come out with the first look poster of LOSER, its upcoming web series, one among a thrilling slate of four series that it had announced at the beginning of the year.

Touted as a sports drama, LOSER is a narrative of three unique stories of three sportspeople, who refused to give up despite being tagged as losers. Fighting for their dreams of winning, forging ahead with guts and gumption, spurred on by the desire to convert the loser tag into that of a winner, to ultimately emerge victorious - LOSER is the story of three such ordinary people with extraordinary achievements.

The poster features all three in a distinctively uplifting look - a badminton player, an aspiring cricketer and a rifle shooter, who shrug off difficult socio-political situations and resistance from various quarters, to make a mark in their respective fields. All three stories are set in different timelines.

The series is produced by Annapurna Studios and directed by Abhilash Reddy. The main cast comprises actors such as Priyadarshi, Sayaji Shinde, Shashank and Kalpika, among others.

LOSER is slated to premiere on ZEE5 Telugu on 17th April. Check out the first look poster of the upcoming show here -

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