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Chicken-Licken The story of a chicken goes on an ADVENTURE! The Egg  Fairy tales and short stories usually imparted a certain lesson that would leave an indelible imprint on the child’s mind. While most gave insight on the basic values in life, there were some that even the image of a chicken truly fascinated a lot of kids! The bright yellow, plump avian did a lot of magical things that caught a child’s fancy! Similarly, for the emergent generation, Emmy Award winner, Tony Hale, Tony Biaggne and Victor Huckabee came have concocted just the series for out little ones titled, ‘Archibald’s – Next Big Ting’. The Netflix Original streams on Netflix from the 6th of August 2019, and has some of the cutest things to offer to kids. (They say its seven plus, but the 5 year old can totally cherish the adventures too! The Hatchling  Before the Archibald came to becoming a celebrated web-series it saw its advent in children’s books in the year 1991. It was the Emmy Award Winner, Tony Hale’s fun way of encouraging children to take to an adventure. While he encouraged children to cherish on some exploration and have fun at the same time, he subtly reminded them to also help people around them, and also underlined the fact that it was increasingly important to become good human beings. The tales are strapping and accord well to today’s time. Drew Champion and Jacob Moffat write the Netflix series. Ryan Stapleton has impressively storyboarded the plot. Eric Fogal has directed this light-hearted series, and Tony Hale has produced the same. The Chick  Archibald (voiced by Tony Hale) is a chicken who literally hatches out of an egg at the advent of the series. He wakes up living in the NOW, with no specific agenda in mind! He takes on the days as and when it evolves. An interesting episode titled ‘Chicken at Sea’ revolves around how Archibald and his siblings and best friend ‘BEA’ (the bumble bee, voiced by Kari Wahlgren) Loy (Chelsea Kane) and Finlay (Jordan Fisher) are to take off on an adventure to visit the ‘San Guapo’ Island to watch the turtles hatch! While Archibald’s siblings take to the organized ways of hopping onto a lounge, and taking to the island. Archibald is obviously left behind as he is consumed by a certain street show. He somehow manages to find himself at the deeper end of problems, and a whale simply comes to his rescue. On somehow making it to the island, he learns of his sibling’s woes! The hatchings need to get to the ocean, but the tide is very low! Archibald simply uses his presence of mind and hollers again at his maritime friends. Together they save the day, by having enough seawater to kiss the shore, and safely hug the turtles away! The story is efficaciously put into perspective by Rosamund Pike. End Note  The animation is simple, yet quirky and hooking. Though the works art ‘ed’ in 2-D, the characters come alive with distinct emotions! Kevin Kramer has done excellently on the post-production edits. Mathew Janszen has lent to the foot-tapping musical score making it so much easier for kids to connect!

Rating: 4/5

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