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Date Gone Wrong Review: An worthy premise wasted in frivolity

Aparnna Hajirnis -

The Twelve Review: Sharply Observed Character Drama that May Test Your Patience

Rhea Srivastava -

Relic Review: A decent attempt that diverts from regular horror lanes

Richard Mahesh -

Archive Review: A punchy little sci-fi drama with a solid little twist!

Siddarth Srinivas -

First Cow Review: A Nuanced satire on capitalism by Reichardt.

Sajid Ali -

Palm Springs Review: A highly enjoyable, and entertaining romp that will get you trippy.

Sadhvika. S -

Dating Around: Brazil Review:  Definitely a Passable Date you would be having

Jeya Suriya -

Dil Bechaara Music Review: AR Rahman delivers an instantly addictive soundtrack thats sure to make it big!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Greatness Code Review: The Greatness Code – An unsatisfactory truncated journey, but you could give it a shot

Richard Mahesh -

Mafia Review: A promising plot in an inconsistent thriller

Editorial Team -

Greyhound Review: Tom Hanks is excellent in this action-packed, pulse pounding navy drama!

Siddarth Srinivas -