RGV challenges OTT and Cinema Theatres!

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RGV challenges OTT and Cinema Theatres!

Ram Gopal Varma is high on the success of his recent release “CLIMAX” on his own platform called RGV World. RGV was known for his bold and gritty films which were not a favourite with Censor Board, but he had the knack to draw the audience to theatres with his eccentric films. And back in the day, he was stated to be running a parallel Bollywood in comparison to the commercial counterpart. 

However, that raw filmmaker went missing and was not to be seen for a very long time. But suddenly he released a long trailer of a web series “Guns and Thighs” which never saw the daylight and still it’s considered to be in the process and few sources say the production is complete and might be released soon. 

That being said RGV has created a world of his own on the webspace under the name “RGV World” which is in association with Shreyas ET App. RGV collectively calls it as RGV Theatre. His first release CLIMAX was a hit among the audience which was released as VOD on the above-mentioned app. The film was priced lower than an average single-screen theatre, which is 100 rupees. The film featured an adult movie star Mia Malkova. This follows the story of a couple on a desert trip and is caught in a bizarre situation. It claims to be an edge of the seat thriller, which was opened to mixed reviews. 

Recently he released another trailer of the film “Naked Nanga Nagnam” which again stirred an expectation among the fans of previously released Climax. RGV didn’t stop with it and announced two more projects with their first look posters, “The Man who killed Gandhi” & Kidnapping of Katrina Kaif”, both the titles are going to attract a lot of controversies for sure, let’s see how these projects develop.

RGV stated on his social handle, “Because of its humongous success on my personal platform, I consider CLIMAX as the beginning of my career. Just wait and watch what kind of path-breaking content I will keep putting on RGV World theatre.” He also stated, “Forget theatres, the Future of cinema is not even on OTT’s but it will be only on Personal Apps.” 

Let us know what you think of personal apps and VOD model in comparison to OTT and theatrical release in the comments below.

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